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SEO Design Chicago created a custom coded e-commerce website that would showcase all of the products that the company made. We also created an online, searchable catalog in order for customers to be able to find specific parts that they needed and order them through the site.

increase in organic traffic over six months


Responsive Website for mobile and DESKTOP

Web Page Templates38%

Increase in Sales via ecommerce


A national manufacturing company needed a website redesign with an ecommerce integration. We had to migrate a website with thousands of pages and products into a new, sleek, and efficient ecommerce site.

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Website Development

SEO Design Chicago provided this client with a new website that fit their needs as a business. This website allowed them to provide customers with informative product pages, increasing sales.

Content Creation

Content creation is a great way to enhance your website. Our team of writers wrote dozens of web pages and blog posts detailing the client’s operations, products, and industry questions. This contributed to the increase in web traffic through search results.

Ecommerce Integration

When such a big part of your business is selling the products you make its important to have a website that supports that endeavor. Ecommerce Integration can be a big task but one that pays off in the long run. We were able to provide this client with an ecommerce structured website that could handle their demand.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to find out more about your website visitors. Learning which demographics are most engaged and where they spend their time on your website is key to understanding your consumer. This information can help inform future digital marketing decisions.


  • Provided a custom coded ecommerce website, showcasing all of the client’s products and services
  • 238% increase in organic web traffic
  • Wrote content pages for each of the client’s products as well as answers to top searched questions about their business and industry
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