How Do Blogs Help With Cafe SEO?

Coffee. Some people go out to buy it every single day from their favorite cafe. With cafes popping up in multiples in every town, the competition is fierce. It can be hard for local cafes to stay in business, but with the right strategy, successful content marketing, and effective blogging, your local cafe will flourish. If you’re not sure whether blogging can really help your cafe, we are here to tell you that it absolutely can! Keep reading to find out how this works and how you can get started creating your own blog for your cafe.

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Having an Online Presence

Not having an online presence could be the reason that your competition is beating you in client numbers. Building a website and establishing a social media presence are two necessities when it comes to marketing for cafes. You can use social media to promote your cafe with pictures of luxurious lattes and videos of happy customers enjoying your scones. Here, you can also invest in advertisements. A website, however, is the core of your business. It creates a space for you to display your basic information and content. With a website, you can make your business your own. Plus, many customers today do not trust a business without a website.

You’ll want your website to be professional. Having a good website requires having a lot of quality content. But how do you come up with content? How can you create more ways for your site to be recognized by online viewers? A good way to always be updating your website and adding new content is to have cafe blogs. 

The Importance of Blogging

There are many benefits of including blogs in your cafe business strategy. Blogging for cafes keeps your site up to date, and holds you accountable for checking on your site and constantly allowing for improvements. Cafe blogs improve search engine optimization (SEO) and make your business appear to be more helpful, credible, and friendly. Blogs show that you know what you are talking about and that you care about your customers and products. In terms of accuracy, blogs are rated the 5th most trusted source for information online.  

You can also incorporate marketing strategies through your cafe blogs, using cafe keywords and optimizing local SEO through your writing. Cafe blogs also allow opportunities for linking other internal content throughout your writing. This will allow clients to see more parts of your website and improve your ranking on search engines. 

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Blogging for Cafes

Blogging is the number 1 strategy for cafes that want to increase their business. With all of the cafe competition nowadays, it is important for yours to stand out. People will be attracted to unique cafes, and cafe blogs will help with that. If you show your passion for your cafe in your blogs, it will help you find your target audience. Cafe blogs make your business feel personal, like you are talking to each of your customers individually. Cafes are all about creating a space that makes clients feel at home. Make this goal a reality by constantly updating your site with new information on your blog.

Topic Ideas for Cafe Blogs

It can be difficult to come up with different blog ideas. You want to come up with creative, yet useful blogs that will interest your clients. When you are having writer’s block, step back and look at your business from a reader’s perspective. If you were browsing different cafes, what type of content would you want to read about? Think of bringing new clients in. Would they want to read something informative? How about the customers that already know you? Would they want to read something fun and personal? You will want to have some variety in the topics you cover so that they appeal to all of your potential readers.

If you’re still stuck on what to put in your cafe blogs, here are some ideas of what to blog about:

  • Most popular menu items
  • Chef/barista favorites
  • Staff interviews
  • Promoting local events
  • Tips/tricks on things relating to your business
  • Behind-the-scenes 
  • Announcements of new drinks
  • History of your business

Writing Blogs

Don’t be afraid to have fun while you’re writing your blogs. Throw in a few coffee puns! You want to write in a simple voice so that readers can easily understand what you’re saying. Just because you are an expert in your craft doesn’t mean your readers will be. Make it easy to understand while being entertaining at the same time. 

When taking on the task of blogging, you must have a schedule. Planning and organizing your blog releases in advance will help your writer(s) stay on top of their game. It will also improve your SEO because your website is constantly being updated. Having a schedule means building a blog content calendar. This might sound daunting, but it can be done in many ways. If you prefer planning digitally, simply make a spreadsheet on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, or you can use a content calendar app. If you would rather have a physical way of tracking things,  draw out a calendar using a whiteboard or planner notebook. You could even print out a content calendar template. Do whatever appeals to you the most and will work best to keep you on track.

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What to Put in Blogs

Though it is important to make your blogs fun and exciting, it is also important to remember the marketing aspect of things. After all, you might have the greatest scones in the world, but no one will know about it if they’ve never heard of you. Show people how wonderful your business is by incorporating marketing strategies into your blog content. 

Let’s go over a few:

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve already mentioned SEO a few times, but let’s talk about how it actually works. SEO is an important strategy to incorporate into your blog posts. Search engine optimization will bring your site to the top of search engine result pages, thus bringing more eyes to your business. To do this, you’ll want to use tactics strategically within your blog content such as cafe keywords and local SEO, which we will further discuss. 


Using keywords is an effective strategy to improve the SEO of your blog. But what are they? Keywords are certain words or phrases you use throughout your content to allow Google to recognize your site and match it to someone’s search. Whatever you think someone will search when looking for a cafe like yours is what you should make sure is incorporated into your material. For example, if you think someone will search “cafes near me” or “local cafes,” it is important to add this phrasing into your content. Make sure to plan out your keywords and incorporate them into your material regularly. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is very important for cafes. If someone wants a quick coffee to wake them up in the morning, they’re likely going to hit the spot closest to where they are located. Since cafes often get a lot of regulars, you’ll want to appeal to this crowd. 

But what is local SEO? It is like traditional SEO but included location-based strategies. You can optimize local SEO in your blog content by using keywords that apply to your location. Words like “near me” and “near Miami” are keywords for local SEO. Focus on your local’s needs. Local SEO is important for many businesses, especially cafes because it allows you to reach a more relevant audience. Local SEO will help you find the audience that applies to you most.

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SEO Design Chicago and Cafe Marketing in Miami

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