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How to Delete a Facebook Page

Not every Facebook page generates interest online. Sometimes, that page has to be closed. Knowing how to delete a Facebook page when it is necessary can save you time. There could be a variety of reasons that require you to delete a Facebook page. Regardless, we will go over how to delete a Facebook page in a step-by-step process, highlighting what is necessary. Also, there is a difference between deleting a Facebook page and unpublishing it. If you have a business Facebook page, you should consider unpublishing it rather than deleting it. Nevertheless, leaving the world’s most popular social media platform has a simple process to follow. 

deleting facebook page

How To Delete Your Facebook Page

If your page has been abandoned or did not garner the popularity you sought, it may be time to delete it. Deleting it should be your last resort. Many pages struggle with content creation, but some tips will be discussed later in the article, about improving content creation. Fear not, we will still go over how to delete your Facebook Page, a simple process in and of itself. If you want to know how to delete your Facebook page, you should also be aware that it will not come back after 14 days. If the 14 days are up, you will have to re-create the page, and attempt to return your past followers to your page.

Step-by-Step Process Of Deleting A Page

The process on how to delete a Facebook Page is super simple to follow. The steps are as follows.

  1. Go to your page and click Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the General tab and click Remove Page
  3. Click Delete (Page Name) and then click OK

The steps are super simple to follow. Keep in mind that it takes up to 14 days for the page to actually be deleted. If you decided to re-enable the page within those 14 days, you can do so.

How To Re-enable Your Page

Let’s say you know how to delete a Facebook page, but want to know how to re-enable your page. Re-enabling your page is simple. It can be done within the 14 days of you deleting your page. All you have to do is revisit your Facebook page, and reactivate it. This is a simple process that can be done with a couple of clicks through the restoration prompts and you will be back. There are alternatives to removing Facebook pages, including ways to improve already existing pages. We will go over one of the alternatives, so that you do not miss the 14 day period.

deleting facebook page

An Alternative to Removing a Facebook Page

If you are unsure about removing a Facebook Page, then there is one alternative. Knowing how to delete a Facebook page is good, but also knowing how to unpublish one can save a headache. The difference between a deleted page and an unpublished page is that the unpublished page is hidden. The deleted one is gone forever after 14 days. The unpublished page is just hidden from the people who follow it, and all of its posts are hidden too. This can be done if you wanted to do some back end editing. If you were going to take a break from Facebook, but plan to return, then unpublish rather than delete. Unpublishing a page on Facebook is another step-by-step process which we will go over.

How To Unpublish Your Facebook Page

As you have decided to go with the alternative to remove a Facebook page, here are the instructions to unpublish a page from Facebook.

  1. From the News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to the page you want unpublished and select Page Settings in the bottom left.
  3. From General, click Page Visibility.
  4. Click to select Page Unpublished.
  5. Click Save Changes.
  6. Share a reason for unpublishing this page.
  7. Click Next and then click Unpublish.

Unpublishing your page is easy, and to publish it again is to follow the same exact instructions. The only difference is you have to select page published rather than page unpublished. This can prove to be a better idea than simply removing a Facebook page. You can revisit later on to see what went wrong and publish the page again. 

What To Do Before Unpublishing

You’ve decided to unpublish your page. Whatever the reasons may be, it is important to do the following. Make sure to let your page followers know that you will be taking that course of action, and the page will be gone for a while. Whether it is through a pinned post on Facebook, or throughout a word of mouth message, it is important to let them know that your page will be down for a period of time. 

deleting facebook profile

How To Close A Business Facebook Page

Knowing how to close a business Facebook page is no different than removing a Facebook page in general. The step by step process is exactly the same as closing or unpublishing a regular facebook page. If you are deciding whether or not to close a business page, you should consider unpublishing it first. If, in the near future, you need to use the page, it will still be there, and you can publish it once more. Those who liked the page will then be able to access it once again.

Marketing Your Business On Facebook

If the reason that you want to know how to close a business facebook page is because of marketing, fear not. Marketing your business on Facebook is not difficult. In fact, Facebook posts are very effective when being used for marketing. Your posts should generate interactions from your followers. These interactions are one of the deciding factors of whether your followers will continue to stay with your page. Facebook advertising is also another big factor. Facebook ads have a variety of cost options. You can pay for ads that target specific demographics which can contribute to your page. Utilizing Facebook Ads Manager can help you greatly, as it determines what sort of campaign you will be running. When you target specific Facebook demographics, you should have prior knowledge of what sorts of posts to target them with. Specific age groups, for example, are more likely to interact with posts that are user-friendly to them. Marketing your business on Facebook is simple. If you wanted to close a business page because you were struggling marketing it, then take these tips into consideration and turn it around. 

Content Creation on Social Media

You came to find out how to delete your page on Facebook. Some Facebook pages are deleted, because the content they have is simply not attracting new followers. Content creation on Facebook needs to be engaging and interesting. Bland posts or clickbait posts won’t be too helpful to attract a wider audience, and most businesses online avoid those types of posts. Content can be created in many forms. You can do pictures, videos, or if on Twitter, you can Tweet. But, before creating anything, you need to be comfortable with your brand. If you are comfortable with your brand, chances are you will make better content about it. Content creation on social media is about how passionate you are about your brand. Combine that with good quality and thought put into each project, and you will see your popularity grow. 

I Deleted Facebook. Where Do I Take My Business Now?

If you did delete your business page off of Facebook, as well as your account, fear not. You can always market your brand on other platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Personally, I’d recommend researching Instagram content creation tips, as Instagram is becoming more popular. Instagram content creation can set an image for your brand, and have it stand out amongst others. Another thing about Instagram is that many of the users are from a younger generation. They enjoy to communicate with those who they follow. If your business wants to succeed on Instagram, make sure its personality is one that gathers engagement with others.

deleting facebook profile

What’s Next? 

After you learn how to delete a Facebook page, you decide whether you delete it or not. Personally, I’d say to unpublish it at first, and come back later when you’ve decided if you will need it or not. There are both pros and cons to unpublishing a page, but it is an inherently better selection compared to just deleting the page straight from Facebook. Other platforms for content creation exist out there. If you were satisfied with knowing how to close a business Facebook page, but wanted to move elsewhere, then do so. Instagram can offer you a platform for advertising just as good, if not better, than the one on Facebook. Try content creation there, and see if more engagement occurs. Overall, while you may want to get a page off of Facebook, you should explore why it is not succeeding. If you can find the issue and resolve it, then keep the page growing!

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