Future Marketing Trends

Now that it is 2021, you should consider how current marketing trends will change in the future. It is imperative for your business to stay on top of changing trends within the marketplace. This includes marketing trends. Some trends seem effective now, but will be less effective as time progresses.

In the past, television ads were great at generating revenue, but are now not used as often since there’s been a switch in consumer preferences. With consumers being exposed to hundreds of ads daily, it is important for your company to determine what is most effective at capturing their attention and resulting in a sale. This article will discuss the shift in marketing efforts that resulted from COVID-19, and new marketing trends, specifically lead generation techniques.

future marketing trends

Marketing during a Pandemic

Going into the year 2020, businesses had a completely different marketing plan than they do now. This is because needs shifted significantly and the way in which people were being exposed to ads. Marketing trends have vastly changed in just a few weeks. In fact, many businesses started selling different lines of products they never would’ve before, including hand sanitizer, masks, and other PPE.

When we think about 2020, companies were forced to change how they have done their marketing in the past (and planned on doing their marketing) and modify it so it would be effective at reaching its audience. For example, advertising via billboards was no longer effective as the pandemic was keeping everyone inside. A lot of companies took advantage of digital marketing, specifically interacting with their customers on social media. People were spending a lot more time online than ever before so it was and still in a great platform to capitalize on. There was not a lot of time for companies to change their plan, and adjusting quickly was necessary. There were and are many different things companies have done and still are doing in response to COVID-19.

Helping Each Other

As businesses were beginning to shut down, revenue was significantly decreasing. A lot of businesses and families were and still are facing huge financial hardships that are extremely difficult to overcome. This is when bigger companies step up by reducing prices and providing payment plans to their customers.  A lot of companies marketed their products as being understanding of customers’ financial struggles. Having a good reputation like this is extremely important during a global crisis. Customers will choose a company who has strong values and accommodate their customers over one who does not. Many big companies donated large amounts of money to help healthcare workers receive the equipment they needed oh so desperately. This got publicized and once again, and helped glorify companies over competition who was not using their resources to help others in need.

Using Paid Ads

A new trend reveals that paid ads are becoming cheaper than ever before. This is because the volume of people on the web has flourished, and there are fewer advertisers than there have been in the past. Paid ads are providing a much higher return on investment than they have in the past. There has been over  70% increase in ROI since COVID-19 started.

Offering Education Training Courses

Since unemployment rates have skyrocketed in the last year, people are searching for new opportunities, specifically ones that give them a competitive advantage over others. Your company can offer training classes in whatever you specialize in. For example, if you are a grocery store, you can offer online cooking education classes that teach your customers how to cook. You can incorporate dishes that use products you specifically carry to help with conversion. 

future marketing trends

Lead Generation Techniques for Current and Future Marketing

Technology is constantly changing and shaping the way we live our lives. It is changing the way people obtain leads for their business as well. Obtaining leads is important for every business. Quality is the most important part of leads. If you have a thousand leads, but none are interested in your product, you are wasting your time, money, and marketing efforts. Lead generation and lead generation techniques might sound a bit confusing, but it is actually quite simple.

What is a lead you might ask. Simply put, it is any person that sparks interest in a company. Lead generation is described as the process of identifying a prospect and transforming them into someone who is intrigued by the products or services your company offers. Lead generation is important because it makes the first purchase easier for the prospect. If the need is already there, then getting them to purchase is a lot easier and you prevent wasting your time on individuals who do not qualify to be a customer. 

There are several different lead generation techniques that are effective, and I am going to go through all of those. 

Future Email Marketing

Email can help initiate contact with leads and can also be a great tool to use to follow-up. First, you should create a list of potential prospects and then reach out to them by email to start an open line of communication. It is critical to send each prospect a custom email tapered to their needs. An over-generalized email might not be effective or seem like it will satisfy the prospect. Your prospects can then opt-in to receiving your weekly emails, but make sure that initial email is personalized.

Future Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to generate new leads while strengthening your relationship with current customers. Your followers can also generate leads through their own followers and contacts. For example, if they share one of your posts, all of their followers are not exposed to your product and so on.

Being effective at marketing yourself on social media is done in two ways: creating your own content, and sharing content created by others. This will allow you to become more visible to other people and will help you find new customers. With social media, it is integral to establish a dialogue with your customers. You want to interact with them and have conversations in a sense. You can even share content that is not directly related to your company, but could spark interest in your audience. If your followers are interested by your content they are more likely to visit your page and feel strongly connected with your brand.

future marketing trends

Networking In-Person

Another great lead generation technique is in-person networking. Meeting someone in person can increase the trust a prospect feels from your company. The web cannot replace this tangible interaction. You can attend networking events in your area and can even present on behalf of your company. You can gain direct leads from the event, or leads from recommendation from people who attended. At networking events, you get to know potential customers more personally, once again building that trust.

SEO and Content Marketing for the Future

Search engine optimization helps generate leads by ensuring that your website appears at the top of the search engine results list. The higher your website ranks, the higher it will show up when potential customers search words that are related to your products or services. This makes you appear more credible to users. Most people will click on the first Google result. Blogging is a great way to increase your search engine ranking. Blogging can increase your visibility to web users. Each blog post should incorporate keywords that are used over and over so that if a potential client searches that particular world, your website is more likely to show up. 

future marketing trends

The Right Fit for You

Finding the right marketing trends for your company is necessary. There are all sorts of marketing trends out there, and certain ones will work better for your company than others and vice versa. To determine what marketing trends best correspond with the needs of your company, reach out to SEO Design Chicago today!

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