How Daycares Get More Clients by Blogging

Taking care of a child has many perks, but not when it comes to the workplace. Working parents often have issues with their jobs because of their childcare responsibilities. This is why daycares become more and more effective for parents. 58% of parents rely on child care centers to get through their jobs. With this in mind, you will likely have competition surrounding you. Naturally, parents will want to find the best daycare they can for their children. With the help of daycare marketing and SEO tactics through blogging, you can bring your daycare to the top of search results and bypass your competition. 

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Daycare Marketing

Childcare marketing is key to attracting more parents to your business. The more you market your services, the more parents will know you exist. Advertising for daycare will also help you reach your target audience, which would be local parents who are in need of a place to take care of their children. 

Marketing will allow potential clients to have more information about you, and even have opportunities to check out reviews about your site. You might have the best childcare center in your area, but it won’t matter if you don’t have marketing tactics. To start strategizing, you must have an online presence.  

Having an Online Presence

Having more of an online presence will bring more eyes to your business as well as give you more opportunities to get more clients. Parents are going to want a childcare center with an online presence because it allows them to see images of the center, have communication with you before making a commitment, and make contactless payments or check-ins. The more options you have for parents, the more likely they will be to switch to your business for their children. 

Create a Website

The first step to making any business is to create a website. Websites give your company a space to provide basic information while making your business your own. With a website, you can be creative and show your customers what your daycare business has to offer. 

Use Social Media Profiles

Using social media will bring your daycare business to the next level. In the long run, having social media profiles on different platforms will help you make big returns for your business and appeal to younger parents who use social media often. Some good platforms to put your business on include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Make sure to include pictures and videos for parents to get a better idea of your daycare’s environment.

Create Blogs

Once you have established an online presence, make sure to create daycare blogs for your site. Blogs will make sure your site is constantly being updated and checked on. Blogging is also good for your business because it helps with search engine optimization (SEO). 

Having SEO is essential for bringing traffic to your site, as it brings your business to the top of search engine result pages. You can incorporate strategies into your blogging content that will both optimize SEO and make your business more credible. 

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The Importance of Blogging for Daycares

Blogging for daycares takes time and dedication. You won’t see the results blogging will have on your daycare business until you have been doing it routinely. After 21-54 blog posts, blog traffic increases by up to 30%

You want your daycare to seem personal and friendly. Daycare blogs on your site will help with that. Not only will it constantly be bringing in more content and information to your site, but it will give your daycare a voice. It will make you appear helpful and let your audience know that you know what you’re doing when it comes to childcare. Daycare blogs bring positive, trustworthy energy to your business. 

Topic Ideas for Daycare Blogs

When writing daycare blogs, it can be difficult to know what to blog about. Your different childcare blog posts should be creative, yet useful blogs that will rope in clients. You always want to keep your audience’s perspective in mind. When you are having writer’s block, look at your blogs from their point of view. 

If you were searching for daycare centers, what type of content would you want to see on their site? Maybe new clients want to read something that will be informative so they know that you know what you are doing. And maybe the clients who already use your services want to read something fun that reminds them of why they put their child in your hands. Pick a variety of topics so that you will have something for everyone to read. 

If you still need help finding topics for your daycare blogs, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Information about your childcare center (how it started, what sets you apart)
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • At home parenting tips 
  • Recipe ideas for kids at home
  • A list of cute or funny quotes from your daycare kids
  • Getting to know your staff
  • Programs you offer at your childcare center
  • Activities you offer or special activities coming up
  • Your daycare’s values
  • Featured events

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How to Write Daycare Blogs

Knowing how to write daycare blogs becomes easier as you go. You’ll eventually get into a rhythm and learn how to create blogs that suit your business best. If the process becomes too tedious and you find yourself unable to continue the flow of blogs by yourself, hire a writing team or group of interns to write blogs that keep your website going.

Know Your Audience

It is important to know your audience before you start writing your daycare blogs. You are creating an environment through your content that is appealing to families. With this in mind, make sure you are writing blogs that are fun, family-friendly, and wholesome so that your clients trust you to take care of their kids. Keep this in mind when figuring out your voice.

Know Your Voice

When writing childcare blogs, you need to write in a tone that is light-hearted and easy to read. Write as if you are writing to a child in elementary school, as if you are explaining to a kid how to tie a shoe. Even though parents are likely going to be reading your blog posts instead of children, it is important for them to know that you understand children. 

Even businesses that don’t involve children tend to make their blogs easy-to-read because busy blogs lose interest quickly. Just because you know your business, doesn’t mean your audience will. Make things easy to understand with the language you use. 

Schedule Your Blogs

Having a schedule is key to keeping your blog writers on task and ensuring regular flow to your website. There will always be more topics you can blog about. Make sure to plan them out in a calendar so that you never fall behind. 

Here are some ideas of calendars you can use:

  • A paper calendar
  • A scheduling journal
  • A whiteboard calendar
  • Calendar through Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • Calendar template filled out on Google Docs or printed out
  • Google Calendar

It could be helpful to have both a physical and virtual calendar to make sure your planning never gets lost.  

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