How Country Clubs Get More Customers by Blogging

Often considered unshakeable pillars of tradition and community, one might think that country clubs shouldn’t bother with marketing themselves. In this, you couldn’t be more wrong. All country clubs, old and new, big and small, live off the support of its members. Like any business, they cannot survive without consistent income, and in times of economic uncertainty, country club expenses are often among the first items on the chopping block. In this article, we’ll be discussing a digital marketing technique that, although seemingly unorthodox, is a great way to attract and retain new customers: blogging.

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Building a Website

Before we can get into the specifics of blogging, it’s important to ask: do you have a website yet? There is no better location to host your blog than your own website, and small companies all across the nation either have one, are getting one, or want one. Websites are beneficial for a variety of reasons, with their necessity for online visibility being paramount. You simply cannot afford to not have a website given the number of customers who research businesses online before soliciting a good or service.

Introduction to Blogging

After getting that out of the way, we can begin to delve into country club blogging and what it means. Let’s define business blogging first. Writing blog posts, then preserving them on your website, is all blogging really is. These entries are written on behalf of your company by you, your employees, or another person. You can also ask businesses that specialize in digital marketing to do this for you, like SEO Design Chicago. The two major goals of blogging are to engage with your prospective consumers and generate new business on its own.

The best thing about blogging is that you can write about anything. It is important to think of blogging as a form of marketing through content creation. Your goal should be to entertain rather than directly advertise. Blogging, if it is sufficiently interesting, will draw readers in and invite them to explore your website further. If the blog entries lack substance or come off like an ad, they’ll be quick to leave. You can avoid this in a number of ways, some of which include telling a story, using details that suggest actual experience with the mentioned topics, and using a conversational tone in your writing.

Just because you can write about anything, however, doesn’t always mean you should. Generally, it’s a good idea to write about topics related to your business and the surrounding industries. A common and effective approach to structuring a blog article is to respond to some form of inquiry. The types of questions you respond to can be broad in scope, concerned with the topic or industry as a whole, or specific, pertaining only to an aspect of a service or product. For reasons we’ll go into later, your blogs need to strive to address wide and narrow questions alike.

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Exactly Why Should Country Clubs Blog?

Does blogging really matter that much? At this point, you might be asking yourself this question. Of course, the answer is yes! To begin with, blogs are a great method of attracting new customers. It does this in a number of ways, which are covered in more detail in the following sections. The personality it adds to your online profile is another advantage. Blogs succeed where conventional marketing often falls short, like when it comes to establishing a personal connection with readers. Research also demonstrates that blogging is very cost-effective for generating new leads.

Online Presence

There is no denying that blogs increase your internet presence. At a basic level, it quite literally expands your website by adding a new page to it. Those that are actively searching for you will discover you far more easily as a result. But where blogs really prove their value is in the possibility of unintentional discovery. When seeking a product or service without a predetermined provider, people will naturally start their searching journey with a broad topic. If that topic pertains to your and your business, blogging will increase the chance that they will stumble upon your website, which is the first step in generating a new lead. When this occurs, blogging becomes a marketing tool in and of itself.

Approachability to Consumers

As we mentioned, blogs have a unique allure due to how much more accessible they are to new readers. You can say so much more in a blog post than in a typical commercial, and you can do it for next to nothing. It’s recommended to keep your blog posts around 3000 words per post so you do not bore your readers, but that word count is more than adequate to convey your points.

A fantastic technique to create a new post on a blog is to pose a question and then respond to it. Posts that address generic, or “evergreen,” questions are always a good idea. You’re quite likely to get a lot of traffic from these articles given how common these inquiries are. Since people are constantly asking about this topic, they gain value over time and make it simpler and easier for others to discover you via that post.

Having said that, don’t forget to respond to particular queries as well. Responding to these questions shows that you have experience, which greatly enhances your reputation. You may also use your blog to directly respond to customer inquiries if you’re motivated to do so. Not only is this a terrific technique to persuade these consumers to buy from you, but it also draws in customers who like seeing you address customer problems.

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Blogs and SEO

Blogging is inextricably linked to another digital marketing tactic that is grossly underutilized: search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to actions made on a website to facilitate easier visibility to search engines like Google. Getting your website to show up where you want it to, primarily when someone types in search phrases relevant to you, is the initial objective of SEO. The ideal position of your country club’s website, and the end goal of SEO, is at the very top of the organic search results. When you take into account the fact that most users only look at the first links that Google displays to them, SEO becomes a far more enticing tactic.

SEO is extremely beneficial in making your website more appealing to search engines. Finding your keywords should be your initial step. Keywords are any phrase that a user may type into the search field to locate you or a linked company. Some examples include:

  • Country clubs near me (or in a given location, such as Tampa)
  • Golf clubs
  • Golf greens
  • Town country club
  • Rural country club
  • Golf community club

These examples should serve as a starting point. Finding your own keywords is made much easier by looking at the keywords that your rivals are using. You may always fall back on Google Ads Keyword Planner, which provides a ton of helpful keywords for free. You most likely would want to find ones that more specifically apply to your country club. Once you’ve decided on the keywords you want to use on your country club blog, scatter them across your page. Blogging helps immensely here: there aren’t many better ways to increase your keyword utilization than this. A great approach to increase the traffic to your website, which will undoubtedly provide some leads, is by optimizing your blog articles for SEO.

Link Building

One method to increase your country club blog entries’ SEO viability is to use lots of links. Although it may not seem obvious, links are a crucial factor that Google considers when assessing the legitimacy of a website, and it will promote you more as you utilize more links. This is because websites with links are, in general, more well-researched and grounded than those without links. Don’t forget that this is what the people who visit your website will also think. You may also use links to connect your blog articles to one another after you have a large library of blog entries. This is fantastic for multiplying your website’s single-page traffic performance over several pages!

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Country Clubs Can Benefit from SEO Design Chicago

If you need assistance with your country club blog or digital marketing strategy, contact SEO Design Chicago. We have teams of writers with specific expertise in blog writing that can provide top-notch material for you to utilize on your website. We can also help you with other parts of your digital marketing strategy if you’d like to improve that as well. If you’re looking for help, you’ve found the perfect company in SEO Design Chicago.


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