Google Search Console Insights

What can Google Search Console Insights do for my content generating site?

This article identifies the value of Google Search Console Insights for publishers and those that generate content.

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Google Search Console has been a wealth of information for webmasters for over a decade, and the data keeps getting better! The new experimental experience was allows publishers and content creators to gleam amazing insights from content that has been produced. The search console insights allow a publisher or content generating website to see which content resonates best with their audience. Data is combined from both Google Analytics and Search Console.

The data presented is an easily digestible amount of information that can be accessed by desktop and mobile on enabled accounts.

How your site is doing

The analysis of how your site is doing will feature a snapshot from Google Analytics and highlight your most popular content over the last 28 days as well as your newest content over the last 28 days. The platform also allows you to click on specific articles and see enhanced data on specific stories.

Your New Content

Learn what new content your site has posted and how this content is relating to your audience.

Your Popular Content

See what content is the best according to your readers with featured images and article previews.

How people find you

Top Traffic channels

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Easily identify the top channels that generate traffic to your website

Google Search

See what the top search terms are for your website that are generating traffic to your site. Look at the top search queries as well as trending queries.

Referring Links from other websites

See what referring links your website is generating from producing great content and posting it online.

Social Media

social media in search console insights

Learn about what social channels are having the biggest impact on site traffic for you.

Google Search Console is the best place to learn about the data that your website generates.  Google is consistently updating this interface to allow users to find and access data quicker that will help them to make their content perform better in search.  Learn more about Google Search Console and how it can help your site to deliver better results.

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