How to Have Success Selling on Amazon

Selling products on Amazon has become wildly competitive, but also incredibly profitable, requiring relatively little work on your part. If you follow these steps, you will be able to increase sales on Amazon in no time.

How to Sell on Amazon

First, let’s discuss the most popular ways you can sell products on Amazon.

Private Labels

The top way to make money on Amazon is through private labels. What this means is taking an item that already exists, hopefully improving upon it, and then putting your own branding and labels on it. People then sell this rebranded product on Amazon for profit. About 71% of sellers on Amazon use the method of private labels. Buyers appreciate this concept of private labels on Amazon because they can get the product faster than if they buy it from other places.

How Amazon Encourages Private Labels

Amazon itself encourages private labels, as it has helped their business grow drastically. Jungle Scout is an app that tells you about how much money you will make off of your product. Jungle Scout has been deemed an “all in one platform for selling on Amazon.” This app researches the profitability of a product for you. It essentially tells sellers whether or not a certain product would be profitable to sell on Amazon. Additionally, Jungle Scout tells the sellers about their competition. The app also shows helpful data such as whether a product is increasing in sales recently, or decreasing. Another set of data that Jungle Scout shows is the search volume for a given product. It can tell you the exact number of searches there were for a certain product. Jungle Scout has glowing reviews and helps Amazon increase its sales because it makes selling on Amazon more accessible and easier.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, has also made selling on Amazon more accessible and encourages private labels. Essentially, Amazon has a service that will pack and ship your products for you. All you have to do is ship the products to their fulfillment warehouses and then they will keep your products there and ship them to your buyers. This makes selling on Amazon extremely accessible. There is no inconvenience of keeping all of your products at home or having to spend hours shipping the items.

Sell Wholesale Goods

Selling wholesale goods is a step easier than selling with private labels. Selling wholesale goods just means that you are selling another company’s product. As an Amazon seller, you would buy the product from a seller and list it on Amazon. Similar to private labels, you can utilize the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

With private labels, you have the extra step of trying to improve the product and relabel it. Although selling wholesale goods is probably the easiest thing to do, it can be difficult to actually get your product to sell. Within the last few years, selling on Amazon has become wildly popular. It is hard to differentiate your product from other people’s, making it extremely competitive. The way to beat out your competitors is by having the cheapest products.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon Marketplace

With Amazon’s ever-growing popularity, it is becoming more and more difficult to sell on it. There are various strategies for increasing Amazon sales that are not utilized and can help sellers beat out the competition.

Step 1: List Your Product Well

The first step to increase sales on Amazon Marketplace is to create a quality listing. After all, how can you sell a product that is not listed well? It is absolutely vital that your listing does not have any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. A sloppy listing does not instill confidence in the buyers. If you cannot properly list the item, how can they trust that your product is not equally as sloppy? You want your listing to be as easy to read as possible. Additionally, you want to describe your product in the listing. You have a quick chance to sell a buyer on why they should choose your listing. One great way to list a product is by including the brand name, product name, and then a specific feature (such as the color or your target consumer).

Step 2: Utilize Keywords

What will people look up to find your product? Describe your product the way people will search for it. Stick to the basics and do keyword research. You can start broad by searching the general product on Amazon and see what the suggested more specific searches are. Use Jungle Scout’s research data. You can see how many people searched for specific things. Then, pick a keyword that many people have searched to ensure people can easily find your product.

Step 3: Use High-Quality Images

Your images truly are a reflection of your product. High-quality images will reflect a high-quality product. An image can catch the buyer’s attention when they are scrolling through Amazon. People are comparing different images as they scroll through their search. It is easier to look at the pictures than read the description of a product. This is truly your first impression and is essential to increase sales on Amazon.

Tips for Higher Quality Photos:

1. Try to have as much natural light as possible.

2. Use flattering angles and avoid a shaky camera.

3. Use a natural backdrop. You want your product to be the focus of the picture.

4. Include more than one photo. Utilize different photo points. Think of what you would want to see if you were the buyer.

5. Show the buyer how the product would be used.

Step 4: Evaluate Your Pricing to Increase Your Amazon Sales

What is both appealing to the buyer and profitable for you as the seller? You want to find something that makes both the buy and seller happy to maximize your profit. Given how competitive the Amazon selling market is, you need to consider how other people are driving the same product. If you are selling the same thing as someone else, you do not want to be overpriced. Your pricing needs to be justified and understandable to the buyer. If you charge too much, no one will buy your product. If you charge too little, you will not profit off of the sale.

Step 5: Glowing Reviews

One important way to bump up your product is by getting glowing reviews. You want people to like your product, as many people will read the reviews to determine whether or not they want to buy it. One way to avoid receiving negative reviews is to include accurate photos and descriptions of the product. If you market it a lot differently than how the product really comes, people will likely be disappointed.

Step 6: Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPCs)

A great way to get an advantage over your competitors is by purchasing pay-per-click ads. It will make your product come up first as a sponsored advertisement on Amazon. Pay-per-click ads have been proven to increase sales on Amazon for most items. The impact is huge. The amount of people you can reach through a sponsored advertisement is unmatched. Pay-per-click ads are almost always to the seller’s advantage. Also, by being one of the first results, it instills a sense of trust in the buyer that your product is good.

Step 7: Run Promotions

Another way to get more sales on Amazon is by running a promotion. Every Amazon consumer loves a good promotion. Promotions are beneficial because they increase sales velocity. The more items you sell with profit, the better. You will also get rid of inventory, so if a product has not been selling, it is much better to sell it at a lower cost than not sell it at all and lose money on purchasing the product.

One promotion that can be incredibly beneficial is “Buy One Get One.” These are so great because it gets rid of even more inventory. It also encourages consumers to buy more. Lastly, it boosts your search rankings. If your sales spike up, you are more likely to have that product higher in the search. This is a positive feedback loop because the higher your product is on the search, the more likely you are to sell more.

Step 8: Utilize Influencers

Another great way to increase your Amazon sales is by utilizing influencers. Influencers can help promote your product to new audiences. One great way to utilize an influencer is by sending someone your product. Chose an influencer whose audience is your target consumer. Once you send them your product, they may share it with their followers. If they enjoy your product, they can recommend it and give a positive review that reaches people who may not have been searching for your product otherwise.

Another way to utilize influencers is by paying them for a sponsored post. Many influencers are willing to negotiate for this deal because they profit and may actually enjoy your product enough to post anyways. Although it is a small loss at first, this can have a huge impact on your sales and be beneficial in the long run. It can also just bring awareness to your brand and promote traffic to your other products.


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