Effective Strategies to Leverage Social Media Marketing in Agriculture

The agriculture industry is more than farming and harvesting crops. It is a very important industry to the United States, one that the country takes pride in. Agriculture is one of the most productive practices as it has created a positive balance of trade between the United States and other countries. Agriculture creates food, builds a society, and allows the country to grow. 

Agriculture businesses reflect how wonderful the agriculture industry is. With it being one of the most efficient systems, there is a lot of competition to make certain farms stand out. The popular industry employs over 24 million Americans. With all of the agriculture in the US, it is important to make your industry stand out. Since agriculture is held in such high regard, you’ll want to do all you can to make your business known and efficient. You can do this by staying up to date and implementing social media in agriculture. 

social media in agriculture

Having an Online Presence 

Improving your marketing game and using social media in agriculture starts with having an online presence. When you have a successful online presence, you are giving yourself the ability to make your business thrive. In order to have a successful online presence, you must be accessible to your audience on multiple platforms, engage in two-way communication with your audiences, and always be evaluating your performance so that you can understand what you are doing right and wrong. 

Create a Website

Creating a website is the first step to making any business improve its online presence. Websites give your company a space to provide basic information while also making your business your own. This is especially important for agriculture businesses since there are many farms around the United States and you’ll want a place to make yours stand out. Through a website, you can proudly display images of your beautiful farm in all of its glory. Create different tabs within the website that holds key information along with unique graphics and fun side content. The more content you have on your website, the better. 

Start Creating Content

It is important to have writers that are constantly preparing new content for your website. This will ensure that you have enough support to create content constantly and keep your website up to date. We’ll talk more about being up-to-date later in this article, but it is very important for agriculture businesses, even if it might not seem like it at first glance. For now, let’s talk about how blogs will keep your website relevant. 

Write Blogs

Blogs will allow a space for new content to constantly be coming in, and it will make your agriculture business look better. People will be interested in learning about your farm processes, and blogging is the perfect opportunity to spark this interest. Make sure you are following a schedule and planning out your blog ideas ahead of time. 

Before we get into social media, let’s first touch on agribusiness marketing itself. 

agribusiness marketing

Agribusiness Marketing

Before we talk about social media’s role in agriculture, we must talk about the importance of marketing within itself. Marketing your agriculture industry will give you the opportunity to stand out and bypass your competition, which is important since the industry is so large. It is important to be unique and look good when it comes to advertising in agriculture. 

Why else would marketing be important for agriculture specifically? Well, marketing will allow you to understand what products you should sell and how to sell them, showing you how to meet the objectives for selling each crop. Farms have many options when it comes to marketing since they are often a diverse range of sizes with different products. 

Knowing how to incorporate agribusiness marketing is essential. In order to have successful farm marketing, your marketing plan should consist of making a website, creating a tagline to keep your business in other people’s heads, collaborating with farm associations, attending farm events, advertising, having good customer service, having a planned out budget, and making sure to always check in and evaluate your successes so you can determine what is going well and what isn’t for your business. You could sell your products in multiple ways: through community support, farmers’ markets, food hubs, or organic farming. Another way to have successful farm marketing would be through social media. 

Social Media Marketing

Learning about social media marketing itself is essential to understanding the importance of social media in agriculture. Social media marketing is making use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tiktok to promote your brand and sell products. To optimize it, you must have skills such as writing, content creation, video production, photography, and time management skills, but these can be easy to obtain once you have the proper materials and get into a routine of posting. 

To optimize social media marketing, make a plan for your platforms and set goals that you want to accomplish for your business through your posting. Increase brand awareness and grow your audience by boosting your community engagement and appealing to your local audience. This can be done through agriculture local SEO. Local SEO is a marketing tool similar to SEO, but with a local focus. 

What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization, which is a marketing tool used to bring your website to the top of search engine result pages. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy will help drive traffic into your site, which increases your usage of SEO. 

Social media is better than using just email, as the world has grown and changed with the digital age. It is also more relatable to people and will keep your business relevant, which we will talk about in further detail shortly. Before you start optimizing social media regularly, make sure you conduct research about your target audience beforehand and come up with themes and goals you want to accomplish. 

Now, let’s focus on why social media in agriculture is so important. 

social media marketing agriculture

Social Media in Agriculture

Social media in agriculture is very important. The two fit together quite nicely. But why is this? How could this happen? For starters, social media will make your agriculture business appeal to the younger generation. When using current platforms that are popular such as TikTok, you are making yourself known to an otherwise unfamiliar audience. This will put you on the map and modernize what could seem like an old fashioned industry to the younger generation. 

Traditionally, agriculture business exchanges were only done in a one-way communication method such as newspapers, television, and magazines. With social media, agriculture businesses can utilize two-way communication. Two-way communication allows businesses to understand their audience’s needs better, therefore evaluating performances more frequently and improving the business to ultimately lead to a better profit. Another thing social media in agriculture allows for is a quicker way to build relationships with other people who are in agriculture, thus creating a broader industry that overcomes obstacles that have hurt it in the past, such as isolation. With more farmers using social media today, it is important to stay ahead of the game and be prepared. 

Social Media Strategies

Let’s talk about some of the best social media strategies to use for agriculture businesses. 

  • Choose the best social media content
  • Communicate with customers regularly and effectively 
  • Use Instagram for agriculture (show pretty pics) be proud of your farm!
  • Have fun with it (videos and interviews)
  • Get creative  

agriculture social media strategies

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