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Advertising, in its many forms, is an important and key practice of marketing in which a product, service, or an idea provided by a company or person is being promoted through different channels. This section of digital marketing is always evolving to keep up with today’s media content and user interests. 

Advertising is all around us, as we pass by billboards on our way to work, as we scroll through social media, etc. Native display is a form of advertising that resembles the function and form of the domain of display. For example, if there is a sponsored ad placed within Instagram that appears as a post you are scrolling through your feed, this is a form of native display. After reading this article, you will know exactly what native display advertising is and the forms it can come in.

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Native Advertising

This form of paid media advertising can be extremely effective when it comes to social media, as its digital displays flow naturally within its setting. Paid media advertising is when someone pays money for a media channel to run their advertisement on their platform. What makes this form of advertising so popular is that it does not intrude on the viewer’s intended actions. If an ad like this comes along, you do not have to exit out of it or watch anything unless stopping to do so. These ads are filled with the most relevant information about what is being advertised in a way that aims to catch the eye of whoever encounters it. 

As any, this type of advertisement takes on many forms. In each, the ad takes on an interactive role as users will come in contact with it simply by using a platform. It could be on a website, looking at search results, or on a social media app. Either way, the information given through the ad can be seen. Since this technique seeks to blend its ad into its setting, it may not even appear as an ad. Instead, it may look like it is simply a part of the page’s flow. Native advertising works successfully in many cases because it makes the ads almost impossible to ignore. This practice is also useful in settings in which the targeted audience is based on their likes and choice of search. 

Benefits of Native Advertising

These days, digital marketing has grown into a huge sector of advertising, as technology continues to grow and evolve. Native display advertising is just one of the ways that we have attempted to keep up with these changes in order to reach people. In doing so, there are many benefits that have come from this technique. This type of advertising not only will effectively reach the people it desires, but it is non-disruptive to its viewers. This means that it will not be in the way of what they were doing before seeing it. This can be a good thing for both parties, as the ad is reaching its target audience in a way they do not mind to see. 


This marketing technique will seem more authentic, as it presents itself in such a discrete way that it will organically reach its audience. Benefits such as this are important when it comes to trying to sell something because it shows it in a more trusting way. It presents the ad with rich information and trusting content as it is within a media vessel that they visit often. Although the ads placed this way are very discrete, it does not aim to fool its viewers. Studies show that people often will not care too much when companies place ads this way. This is because it does not bother anyone but it can effectively catch their attention.

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Brand Awareness

Another key positive effect of using this is that it can help with brand awareness. Brand awareness is a term used to describe the level of familiarity a target audience has with a brand. Native advertising specifically allows for certain brands to be seen in an effective way by placing them based on people’s likes and desires. When trying to increase this for your business, it can be costly at first. However, this can help its sales in the long run which is important for any business, big or small.

Fight Ad Fatigue

These paid media ads can also be used to contribute to fighting off “ad fatigue.” This term, also known as “banner blindness,” relates to the concept of people getting tired of seeing the same ads. They begin to ignore them, as the ads constantly appear at the top or sides of a page. This technique offers a solution by making sure to only have information that is relevant to viewers. It also places the ads in a less “in your face” area where it will not be in anyone’s way, but still grabs attention.

As native advertising incorporates an information-rich description of what is being broadcasted, this will ultimately create a sense of credibility with its customers. While trying to get your brand noticed, it is also important to establish a trusting relationship with your customers. To do so, you should be aiming to promote these ads within well-known and reliable web pages. 

Types of Native Ads

There are several different useful and effective types of native ads, such as sponsored social media posts, recommended content, promoted search results, and more. What all of these have in common is that they coincide with the content that surrounds its place. These paid media ads will camouflage themselves within the web page, but also be eye catching. These informative ads gain more attention than others.

Native Content 

Native content, also known as sponsored content, is a category of promotional advertising in which the ads that usually will appear on retail media. It aims to blend into the page of the site, using key terms that relate to its product. When trying to publicize your product or service, it is important to choose a platform that will help increase traffic to your business’s site. This can be more cost-effective when advertising because it helps with brand awareness without costing as much. It can up the consumer involvement as well as the click-through rate. Using social media platforms for sponsored content is smart these days, as millennials are constantly using them.

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In-Feed Ads

This classification of native advertising is a vital part of digital revenues, such as that of Google. In feed ads will appear in the news feed part of social media platforms. For example, when you’re scrolling through Facebook and an ad appears within your media feed, that is an in-feed ad. It can display at the beginning, ending, or middle of your content you are viewing. When discussing the type of advertisement that is most discreet and non-intrusive, this is it. This is another way of saying native display advertising. It creates a better experience for the user as well as an effective tactic, monetarily speaking, for its business. 

Search Ads

Search advertising is an important tactic in helping your search engine optimization for what you are advertising. This digital marketing technique seeks to place these ads within search engine results to increase its exposure. This will link certain ads to specific keywords or phrases that people search online. When using this, it’s important to learn what words to stay away from and which ones will most successfully link to your ad.

Content Recommendations

Content recommendations are a key component when aiming to increase your web traffic and online sales. This can link the interests and likes of the visitors to your site by suggesting similar content on the site. This form of native advertising can take the form of phrases such as “you may also like” at the bottom of any web page. This tactic is personalized and extremely effective when trying to reach a target audience. 

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Digital Native Advertising

In today’s world, the future of native advertising is growing digitally. This can be seen through vessels like social media, mobile devices, video ads, and user-generated content. As businesses also evolve, they are choosing to spend more of their marketing dollars via these routes. Digital native advertising is becoming more popular as these companies want to connect more with their customers online.


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