Twitter Advertising Tips and Strategies

If you’re ready to start advertising on Twitter, we’ve got the best Twitter advertising tips. Twitter is still a highly influential platform. Twitter users are the first people to try, buy, and share with others. Also, Twitter users are receptive, engaged, and ready to discover new brands. It is the number one platform for direct communication and live responses.

The social media platform’s usership is still growing exponentially. These are all reasons why Twitter is a great platform to start advertising on for many companies and brands. We break down the various Twitter advertising platforms. Whether you want to get more Twitter followers or build brand awareness, we can help you with Twitter advertising best practices, Twitter ad help, Twitter ad types, and more ab out how to run successful Twitter campaigns.

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Strategy for Twitter Advertising

First, let’s discuss your strategy for Twitter advertising, including targeting of ads, from launching, connecting, and using trends for your ads. Your strategy for Twittrer


Twitter is ideal for launching a new brand, a product, or promotions of any kind. Users on Twitter want to know about it! They love being in-the-know and the first to know about the latest developments. Twitter has double the launch engagement of other social media platforms and may be a better option than Google, LinkedIn and NewsCred.


The key to Twitter advertising is to build cultural relevance and stay connected with the conversations happening on the platform. There is a 73% correlation between cultural relevance and brand revenue, according to Twitter itself. Twitter is big business for brands. Every brand’s cultural involvement is very important to consumer’s buying decisions.


Another strategy for Twitter advertising is to connect to the latest trends on the platform. For example, what’s the hottest meme of the week? Using that meme on your twitter site with a reference to your own brand is one way to connect to your audience.

Every business can benefit from using Twitter marketing services to help them advertise their brand on the platform.

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Twitter Advertising Campaign Types 

Twitter uses a traditional consumer funnel. There are different types of Twitter advertising campaigns you need to know about, including reach campaigns, video views campaigns, and website click campaigns. You can also allow Twitter to be read in third-party applications. You can also create ads with images or videos.

Reach Campaign 

reach campaign helps build your brand’s awareness by helping as many people as possible see your ad. You pay for tweet impressions, but it’s highly likely that people will follow you, retweet and like your tweets, and visit your website after seeing your tweets.

Video Views Campaign 

The Twitter videos views campaign is the best way to maximize your videos’ views. Your videos will auto-play within Twitter account home timelines, and encourage interaction by tapping or clicking.

Website Click Campaign

Twitter sites place and read cookies in consumers web browser for purposes of targeted advertising. A website click campaign is optimized to drive traffic and generate conversions on your website from tweets targeted to specific audiences.

Twitter Takeover Ads

Do you want to be the first ad of the day at the top of the conversation on Twitter? Then you need Twitter Takeover Ads. You’ve probably seen these promoted ads before at the top right corner of your Twitter feed before you start scrolling, or the top of the Twitter Trends page.

These ads go farther than regular Twitter Ads campaigns by giving you exclusive placement on Twitter’s real estate on both desktop and mobile. This helps maximize your brand’s reach and drive lifts across the funnel. Add in visual products, and your ads are able to reach higher than ever before!

Timeline Takeover

Timeline Takeover ads put your brand first at the top of the conversation as the first ad of the day.

Trend Takeover

Twitter Trend Takeover puts your ad alongside what’s trending. And Trend Takeover+ adds immersive creativity to your message, taking it to the next level.

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Other Twitter Ad Solutions

There are other Twitter ad formats that you can try as part of your digital advertising strategy:

Carousel Ads

Twitter’s Carousel Ads help you highlight various products, highlight specific features, or tell a brand story between two and six cards. Carousel Ads are best for brand and product awareness, consideration, and engagement-focused campaigns. Audiences are 16% more likely to click carousel ads instead of a single image ad.

Sponsored Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments help you create a curated collection of tweets to tell an immersive, or longer story. The essential purposes including targeting, allow you to make a conversation that is relevant to your brand. For example, you can curate a series of tweets or content in your drop down menu with blog posts from your website about a niche topic in order to demonstrate your expertise on that subject.

Twitter allows advertisers like you to promote your Moment to a specific target audience, making sure it gets seen by more people. Sponsored Moments include intersititonal tweets from the brand, as well as a branded cover.

Twitter Amplify Pre-Roll Ads

Twitter Amplify allows creators to monetize and sponsor videos on Twitter. The Twitter Amplify ads are pre-roll ads that kick off videos. There are categories curated for advertisers to align their video ad with a certain topic, like football, women’s lifestyles, light-hearted content, and more.

Amplify Sponsorship

Twitter’s Amplify Sponsorships are the best way to amplify and monetize your most premium content on Twitter, like live video, video clips, and other storytelling formats, like Sponsored Moments. These sponsorships are the ideal way to drive real reach and revenue for your brand.

Managing Your Twitter Ads Accounts 

Twitter has made it easy for you to manage your Twitter ads accounts.

Multi-User Login

Twitter’s multi-user login capability allows you to grant access to other users, like your local digital advertising agency like SEO Design Chicago, to handle their Twitter ads account. This makes it simple and safe to share advertising accounts and switch quickly between twitter accounts, if necessary.

Features and Capabilities

On the other hand, if you’re an agency like us, Twitter has plenty of other features and capabilities you can use to hone your skills. Depending on the services you agree to use, it is very easy to track your campaign. For example, you can create a customized analytics dashboard for each of your clients based on their goals.

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Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts

Promoted tweets (also called Sponsored Tweets) are regular tweets, except they are paid for by advertisers in order to boost their reach and engagement.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action is a sentence in your ad copy that tells users to take a preferred action. Whatever the campaign objective is – to get someone to follow you or purchase a product – that is your call to action. You can add conversation buttons, which are standard features that can be added to Image or Video ads. They add a call-to-action button and customizable hashtags to your ad.

Twitter Ads Targeting Options

Twitter allows you to target users, like your followers and Custom Audiences. This helps ensure that your ads will convert, because they are reaching the right audience.

Planning Your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Do you need Twitter advertising help? SEO Design Chicago offers Twitter advertising services to help your business reach its audience. If you are ready to start advertising your brand on Twitter, we are ready to help. Twitter can even help boost your SEO. Contact us today to start curating your professional Twitter advertising campaign!


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