The Top 7 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

If you are a new seller in the e-commerce field, you may be looking for a way to increase sales on Amazon. After all, it’s a great online platform for commerce, it’s one of the most popular sites in the world, and it’s accessible to virtually everyone. Getting started may be the easiest part, but there’s just one problem: how do you stand out from the millions of other people looking to do the same thing? In this article, we will go over the top seven ways to stand out from the competition and increase sales at Amazon.

Increase Sales on Amazon

Tip #1: Write Compelling Descriptions for your Products

Writing bland or plain titles and blurbs for your Amazon listings are no longer enough. You want to make sure you write good copy and tell a compelling story through your brand and product descriptions. For example, if you are trying to sell a dress, it is not enough to just give information on its material. You will want to write about why someone may want to wear the dress, where they will wear it, and when it can be worn. Including sensory details or colorful adjectives would be optimal. After all, you want to sell your customer the experience of what having the dress will entail, not just the dress on its own.

Additionally, you will want to “sell” your brand as well. Having a story behind your products and your business will facilitate more connection between you and your customer and can serve to help you stand out from the crowd. Storytelling can include explaining the company’s origins, why you chose certain products, and other personal reasons in regard to the why behind your brand. 

Tip #2: Search Engine Optimize Your Page

Another great way for you to increase sales at Amazon is through search engine optimization. This is a practice that will increase Amazon traffic to your site since you will be using keywords, allowing your product to rank higher in the search results.

The first thing you will want to do is write a great product title. This is fairly straightforward as you just need to make sure you incorporate your brand name, what version of the product it is, a descriptor to denote the size or quantity, along with any other relevant keywords. But this alone is not enough to boost your Amazon listings nor drive more traffic to your page.

You also want to ensure that your product description is written in a way that is relevant to what your customers will want. Although you want to make sure you have keywords in the title and descriptions, you don’t want to add too many or stuff it. Otherwise, Amazon’s algorithm will think you are trying to use it to your advantage and downgrade your product.

To find the appropriate keywords, you can see what is recommended in the search bar when you type in your product. Also you can look at the descriptions of the most popular products that show up after the search. This will give you a good idea of what people are looking for, which allows you to optimize your Amazon listings.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Tip #3: Create Additional Content in Other Channels

By creating content outside the platform, you can increase your Amazon traffic. This strategy is called content marketing. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it actually is one of the best ways to generate more leads. This is especially true if you have a product that is more niche than the rest. A niche product could be something like beard oil, vegan beauty products, or high-end watches. Making your business a website along with a blog and linking it to your e-commerce page could increase sales on Amazon in an indirect, but incredibly useful way. Another bonus of creating an outside website and blog is that you would be able to educate potential customers on your product, further encouraging them to take the plunge and follow through on the purchase.

When you create a website and blog, make sure that it is optimized for search engines and that you are adding valuable information about, not just selling, the product. They will rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing and consequently increase traffic to your site and to your Amazon listings as well.  

Tip #4: Utilize Influencers and Affiliate Marketing

Another popular way to increase sales at Amazon is by using influencers or affiliate marketers. Influencers are people with huge social media followings that will endorse your product and help you sell it. Since they are typically well-known, a positive review or ringing endorsement from them would be a great way to add credibility to your product. However, don’t expect them to do this for free! You may have to pay them generously or give them your product for free, but this price may be worth it in the long run. To find influencers, you can search through Amazon Influencer Programs, Amazon Associates, social media platforms, or their respective websites. 

Affiliate marketers are people who may have high-traffic sites that will list your product in exchange for a commission. If you are selling something like pet care products, you may want to utilize affiliate marketing to leverage a pre-existing site with high traffic to endorse your product for a small percentage of the sale. This is great if you don’t have time to create your own blog or do not want to wait to see results. 

Amazon Traffic

Tip #5: Generate More Positive Reviews

One aspect of your Amazon listings that cannot be overlooked is the quantity and quality of your reviews. If a buyer is browsing through the catalogue and sees that your product has no reviews, it could cause some suspicion and drive them to look elsewhere. But how can you amass good reviews if you can’t get people to buy them in the first place? 

Have no fear, there are a number of ways you can garner more reviews for your product to increase sales at Amazon. One simple way is to reach out to family and friends to see if they will give you reviews. Another way is to offer your item to an influencer or customers for free in exchange for an honest review. There are multiple programs where you can do this, such as through Amazon’s Vine Program, Amazon trader review sites, social media sites, or any other community driven platforms. While there is no guarantee that they will leave a positive review, it is great for immediate feedback and to just get the ball rolling. 

Tip #6: Take Great Photos and Videos

Having a great blurb isn’t enough to attract a lot of Amazon traffic. You will also need to have high quality photos and even videos that accurately show off your product in an aesthetic way. Something as simple as this could mean the difference between a lead and an actual client. You may want to hire a professional photographer, but if not, this is something you can do yourself!

First, you need to make sure the photo adheres to Amazon’s guidelines. A few of the rules you will want to keep in mind are: the full product must be in the frame, the background must be pure white, and that the image must be the cover art or actual product being sold. Use a white backdrop, use LED or a natural light source, and take the photo with a camera or even a smartphone like the recent iPhone. With editor programs, there are ways you can change the image to match the requirements, such as by increasing the exposure. Some apps you can use to help you are VSCO and the Amazon Seller App. If you follow the guidelines and the steps provided, you will increase sales at Amazon.

Amazon Listings

Tip #7: Purchase Advertisements on Amazon

The last bit of advice is to employ the tried and true tactic of purchasing Amazon ads. Buying Amazon ads can be very effective, albeit pricey, as it can put your product at the top of search results through sponsored posts and in product pages. There are four ad campaign types you can purchase through Amazon.

  • The first are sponsored product ads. These ads run for a minimum of one day and can vary depending on your budget and needs. They will appear at the top and bottom of search pages and on product sites. 
  • The second are headline search ads. These ads are displayed above the actual search results.
  • The third are product display ads. These ads are priced-per-click and appear with similar products as opposed to appearing through relevant keywords.
  • And the fourth are video ads. Video ads can increase your audience reach. However, they may be more difficult to implement as there are specific requirements for video ads. 

It may be worth trying all or a combination of them to increase sales at Amazon. It is also not enough to just purchase these ads. You will want to make sure you are using the best keywords and writing compelling copy to increase Amazon traffic. Luckily, the platform provides you with analytics so you can see your click through rate and other useful metrics.

Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

Start Selling on Amazon

Now you know what it takes to be a great seller on a competitive marketplace like Amazon. As long as you take those seven tips to heart and put a lot of attention into creating your page, there’s no reason why you can’t exceed your sales goals. However, if you do find that the numbers aren’t where you like them or you don’t know where to begin, a professional digital marketing firm may be the best place to start. 

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