Social Strategy Benefits for Physical Therapists

Many physical therapy marketing ideas exist to help your physical therapy business boom. Just like any other business, marketing for physical therapy is essential to growing your business. While there are many physical therapy marketing ideas out there, social media proves to be one very effective marketing strategy. In this article, we will tell you some tips for how to reach potential patients with a social media-focused physical therapy marketing plans.

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Marketing for Physical Therapy

Marketing can really make or break your physical therapy business. Whether you run an occupational PT business, a rehabilitative PT business, or any other sort of PT clinic, you will always want to maintain and attract new clients. Continue reading for a physical therapists’ guide to marketing.

Countless physical therapy marketing ideas will lead you to the results you are looking for. You can approach your physical therapy marketing ideas through various social media platforms, emailing, paid advertising, referral programs, or even in-person advertising.

Now, before you begin your marketing journey, you will want to read up on some marketing tips for physical therapy businesses:

  • When marketing, make sure to target past patients as well as existing referral sources.
  • Build marketing campaigns you know you can stick to and produce consistently.
  • Produce at least one promotion each month (keep reading for physical therapy ads).
  • Direct all marketing efforts online towards your website. This includes emails, social media, and paid advertisements.
  • Construct and maintain a mailing list including patients, community prospects, and doctors.
  • Make sure your marketing always aligns with your brand and your mission as a business.

Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies

Many general marketing strategies can be considered when looking for physical therapy marketing strategies. Due to the geographical limitations of your solely in-person business, social media emerges as one of the preferred methods for marketing in the physical therapy industry. Social media allows people and businesses to share information and connect with each other. By following the do’s and don’ts of social media, you will be able to expand your business and continue to grow.

Social Media Platforms for Physical Therapists

How is your physical therapy practice’s online presence? The days of simply passing out business cards with your phone number for your physical therapy clinic are in the past. With so many social media platforms available, you can choose where to employ your physical therapy marketing ideas. Being active on every platform is not necessary and is actually not recommended. Different social media platforms work better for different purposes. Some of the most used social media platforms for business promotion include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many patients use social media to write online reviews.


Many businesses run Instagram accounts for their company. Instagram allows businesses to create content to reach out to any potential customer base. Instagram allows you to connect with your audience primarily through visual content. You can post pictures with happy customers, upgrades to your equipment or facilities, or anything else you find worth sharing. Additionally, you can run competitions, post polls, and attract a large audience through other forms of engagement.

By utilizing an Instagram business account, you can reach out to customers, potential customers, and partners while tracking the analytics. Knowing how to use Instagram for business can really improve your physical therapy marketing ideas. Business Instagram accounts have access to specific engagement information personal accounts do not get.

With more than one billion active users, you probably will not struggle to find your target demographic on Instagram. As long as you post appropriate and useful information, you can easily attract a larger audience and new customers to your business.


Facebook is currently the most popular social networking platform worldwide. The platform has helped businesses thrive for longer than any other social media platform out there. Not only is Facebook one of the best platform options for marketers in many industries, but it was also one of the first platforms to offer advertising for businesses.

With over 2.8 billion active users, you will surely be able to find some of your customer base on the platform. Facebook offers you many of the same content creation routes as Instagram. On Facebook, you can post visuals such as pictures and videos, written content such as thoughts and business updates, and opportunities for audience engagement. By posting polls and questions, you offer your audience the opportunity to engage and share their opinions.

Just like Instagram, Facebook allows you to create a free business page for additional tools and resources. Ideally, if you run a business Facebook page, you will want to consistently post and update your page. If you decide you do not have the time or resources to run a Facebook page, you should still have one containing up-to-date and accurate information about your PT business.


Twitter is an excellent platform to use for marketing services. The platform serves as another great option to execute your physical therapy marketing ideas. Containing over 353 million active users, Twitter is another popular place to find a customer base for your business.

As a platform primarily running on text content, Twitter is an excellent place to share news, updates, opinions, and more. With a very limited number of characters per tweet, you should make sure to make the most of your words. Twitter is an excellent platform to voice your brand, heighten your brand awareness, increase your engagement, and improve your brand perception.

Many Twitter users come to the platform for live updates and new information. Due to the emphasis on timeliness, Twitter maintains an extremely high share (retweet) ratio compared to other platforms. Additionally, Twitter enables targeting of keywords specifically through hashtags.

Your PT business can take advantage of Twitter in a couple of different ways. You can implement your physical therapy marketing ideas through clever, comedic, or just useful content. Also, you can use Twitter as an extremely fast-paced social listening tool to promote two-way communication between your business and your audience.


Primarily known for B2B communication, LinkedIn serves as one of the most professional social platforms. You can often find people using LinkedIn to share employment updates as well as news about their business. While LinkedIn is typically used for B2B communication, it can also be used for B2C or even a combination of both.

As a PT private practice, you may want to use LinkedIn to post about major improvements in your business, business milestones, or potential employment information. Additionally, you can even use LinkedIn to partner with other businesses. Businesses are offering more and more benefits to employees in order to compete for talent. You can communicate with other local businesses on LinkedIn to offer deals for their employees, knowing you will likely gain more customers.

While those are some of the top social media sites for marketers, countless other social media platforms can help you promote your physical therapy marketing ideas. If you choose not to go with a social media platform for your business, you may want to turn to advertisements instead.

Physical Therapy Ads

Advertisements can help your business grow by reaching a targeted audience. As a PT business, you probably have a very specific target audience which is even more limited by proximity. No matter the type of PT business you run, you are unlikely to convert customers who are not actively looking for a PT service, let alone a PT service close to them.

By using ads, you can make sure your physical therapy marketing ideas reach your intended target audience. Countless marketing mediums exist to help you promote your PT ads. Your ads can specifically mention the services you offer at your physical therapy practice.

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PPC or pay-per-click advertising allows you to place your ads on Google and you only have to pay if the ads are clicked on. Having your ads come up at the top of Google’s search engine allows you to forgo the process of search engine optimization. Properly taking advantage of search engine optimization can take tons of time and resources which you may not have available.

Social Media Ads

So, your social media promotion is working well for you but you know there are more customers out there for you to attract. Or, maybe you just don’t have the time or resources to run your business social media accounts but do not want to miss out on those potential customers. Running social media ads can help you gain a larger customer base from social media.

Social media advertising has a highly effective track record when conducted properly. Social media platforms accumulate tons of information on their user base, helping those platforms direct your targeted ads to the right demographics. Additionally, over half of adults use social media, with 69% of adults using Facebook and 39% of adults using Instagram.

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables your business to expand outreach to a broader audience. Traditionally, businesses use other third-party applications such as Hubspot to manage their mailing lists and email marketing campaigns.

By using an email marketing campaign, you can reach out to potential customers who have already put their foot in the door by providing you their contact information. Ideally, you can build a subscriber list by consistently sending out useful information such as a blog or updates on your business. An engaged subscriber base will enable you to convert sales through your promotions and marketing efforts. And don’t forget to include a call to action!

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Other Strategies for Physical Therapists

You can find tons of other advertising strategies and marketing materials out there as well. Ads can really help you grow your PT business but you should not overlook social media as another marketing tool. Social media is a very important tool for attracting customers. Different social media platforms can really help you implement the physical therapy marketing ideas you have for your business. If you are a physical therapy practice owner interested in finding new prospective patients, contact SEO Design Chicago!


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