Marketing Strategies That Work for Tutors

Knowing how to market a tutoring business is essential for drawing in students who are potential clients. Many of us would not be here without the influential teachers that paved our paths. However, tutors do not always get this same acknowledgment, yet it is just as true for them. Tutors are incredibly important professionals who supplement many people’s education “behind the emerald curtain.” Tutors are there for students at late hours of the night and see them through hardships and triumphs both inside and outside of the classroom. Some tutors are the reasons behind passing advanced Organic Chemistry or even achieving the perfect ACT score.

Education is one of the most impressive business sectors because it has one of the highest ROIs. In today’s state of the world, the online education market is booming with opportunities.

Whether you are starting a tutoring business or need new prospective clients for your existing tutoring company, today is an opportune time to start or grow your tutoring business. In this article, we will walk through the various approaches that you can take to learn how to market a tutoring business, tutor strategies, and how to create tutor ads – no matter what type of tutor business model you have.

Marketing a Tutoring Business

There are many factors to keep in mind when figuring out how to marketing a tutoring business. We will discuss some ways to approach your target audience.

The Demand for Tutoring Businesses

Being aware of its demand is essential to knowing how to market a tutoring business. Consider the above factors when creating your tutoring business. They are most likely the elements that you will want to communicate in your marketing materials.

Here are a couple of reasons to explain why tutors hold a reliable demand in the workforce:

  • Tutors are convenient – The time you take traveling to a school can be long and exhausting. Sometimes, it can be simpler and more energy-saving to arrange for tutors to meet with students. From at-home to online tutors, many businesses have flexible options.
  • Large clientele – Tutors have the ability to reach out and work with a wide range of students. They can come from all sorts of locations and belong to many different school systems.
  • Personalization – Tutors meet the needs of each student on an individual basis. This is appealing to parents or guardians seeking to supplement their students’ education. Tutors provide immediate feedback to students that can often take a while to get from a teacher in a large classroom setting. The more personalized a product becomes, the more likely a customer will feel comfortable investing in it.
  • Flexibility – Tutors offer flexible schedules to fit into students’ already existing schedules. This removes the challenge of trying to manage an overly hectic schedule. When tutors meet with their students, they make the most of their window and are efficient with their work.
  • Cost – Tutors can determine the fees associated with their services. This means that tutoring can be an affordable option for classroom supplementation.

3 Strategies for How to Market a Tutoring Businesses

There are many channels with which you can market your business. Here are some of the main ways that tutoring services across the nation have chosen to market themselves. Consider utilizing these methods, since they are established norms across the tutoring marketplace. They can help inform how you will decide to market your tutoring business.

#1: Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth tends to be the strongest means of marketing for tutors. When people can personally share their positive experiences with others, it is incredibly compelling. If you can focus on providing the best possible service to your clients, your reviews should spread like wildfire. Having a strong focus on customer service will help develop a positive reputation for your business in your area and in local schools.

#2: Email Marketing

Email is a fantastic way to follow up on any leads you have been connected with and grow your business. In addition to creating informational emails, make sure you think about sending promotional ones as well. Email continues to be a leading channel in reaching audiences. Especially if they are working parents already!

#3: Face-to-Face Networking

This is a great way to build a presence in your local community. Consider talking at local establishments or even connecting with other successful tutors. Speaking face-to-face with others about your business will introduce them to you and create a warm welcome that could end in a lead. You can also hand out business cards.

How to Market Your Tutoring Business at High-Impact Locations

The following locations are great sites to display your tutor marketing materials. This is because they tend to get a lot of traffic from students and/or families. It is a good idea to try and advertise in as many of these locations as possible within the geographic area you are offering services. This will help build your clientele and maximize the number of students in your reach.


What better site to reach students than schools? To advertise your tutoring services in a school, you should visit guidance and student services offices. These tend to be the places that students go to when looking for academic help. Make sure to introduce yourself to the counselors and let them know about the services you offer. Finally, ask if there is a place you can leave brochures, a poster, or other informational material.

Community Centers

Many young students spend their free time with their families at community centers or sports arenas. Therefore, they are also excellent places to market your tutoring services. Similar to schools, you will probably need to receive permission to display posters or brochures. Introducing yourself to the office staff will help with this and will connect you to people that face the community regularly.

Public Libraries

Most libraries have some kind of bulletin board system where you can attach your advertising materials. These boards are usually focused on local businesses and services, making them ideal places to insert your marketing information. Libraries are also great because they are already associated with learning. Libraries will want to encourage students to enhance learning, so they will likely approve of you advertising your tutoring services.

Coffee Shops

While coffee shops probably are not going to attract potential customers like young students, they are still locations to consider. They are especially popular amongst college-aged students. Similar to libraries, they also are known for their use of bulletin boards for local advertisements. They tend to be at the entrance of the shop. This is great because coffee shops receive a high volume of people. There is a chance a parent grabbing coffee on their way to work could notice your business on the way out of the shop.

Advertising Your Tutoring Services Online

Paid advertising a business is a vital aspect of a marketing strategy. When done skillfully, advertising can capture the interest of a potential customer and lead to a sale. In the above sections, we mentioned how to market your tutoring business in mostly physical settings. Now, let’s switch gears and think about some options to consider when advertising your tutoring business online.

Create Your Own Website

Having your own website can be an incredibly useful investment in tutor marketing. This is because they offer one location to communicate the most important aspects of your tutoring business. This reduces the stress of trying to fit everything into a poster or brochure. In fact, it is a good idea to include your website’s URL on print material, so customers can visit it for further information.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click ads or PPC, occur when advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. If you can create compelling PPC text to display below the link, it could build customer confidence or reduce purchase anxiety. Additionally, purchasing ad extensions could entice a customer to visit your page after they see the names of some of the most compelling pages on your website. Don’t forget to create landing pages for your ads, too.

Create a Blog

Creating a blog is an excellent marketing strategy for tutors. Blog marketing is one of the best things a business owner can do to improve its search result success. Blogs will also help your business rank higher in search result pages if you utilize keywords effectively. This is because Google’s search engine algorithm values high-quality blog content. Think of captivating topics that will engage your niche market and combine them with effective SEO practices for the best results.

Social Media

Investing in social media advertising is crucial when it comes to how to market a tutoring business. As many students and families are connecting with each other through social media channels, these are fantastic arenas to join. Research which platforms your intended audience is engaging on the most and then make profiles for your business. Then, post content that will educate the public and promote your tutoring services. Allow your social media presence to reflect your brand culture and mission when it comes to your tutoring business.


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