Increased Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Whether you have some experience building brand awareness or none at all, this article will help show you how to increase brand awareness and reap the benefits from trust, customer loyalty, increased sales, and more. More specifically, this article will go over how to increase brand awareness using the power and influence of social media. The beauty of social media is its low-cost, simplicity, and its ability to reach thousands and even millions of people instantaneously.

What is Brand Awareness?

Put in simple terms, brand awareness is how familiar your target market is with your brand and how well they recognize it. Some examples of brands with strong brand awareness are Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike. They are huge, profitable brands that spend millions on marketing. They are easily recognized even with just their brand logos such as the bitten apple, Nike Swoosh, or the iconic golden arches. However, not all successful brands get to such level of brand awareness – and many do not need to. Small businesses also need brand awareness along with its benefits even if they won’t necessarily reach the scale of large corporations.

Why Brand Awareness Matters

It is a smart idea to build a brand awareness strategy to set your brand apart from the competition. How does your brand differ in quality, trust, consistency? Brand awareness goes beyond just getting your brand recognized by many people as we will . Strong brand awareness can reap great benefits such as increased customer trust, shared values, customer loyalty, product knowledge and confidence to name a few. All businesses – no matter how big or small – should implement some sort of brand awareness strategy to take advantage of such benefits and ultimately increase sales and profits.

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Brand Awareness Builds Trust

Consumers – more than ever – want to make sure that they can trust your brand whether its your product and service quality, reliability, social responsibility, or values. Nowadays, it is easy to do some online research and check reviews before purchasing from a particular brand. Reviews are definitely a good thing when you are trying to build brand awareness. In fact, you should learn how to get more Google reviews so your website ranks higher on Google.

Connection Building

Anyway, customers want to support a brand that they can trust. Additionally, increasing brand awareness allows you to create a brand voice so that you can connect and communicate with your target market. More than a brand name, customers want to see a brand that has a story, cares, speaks, and listens to the customer. Brand awareness and brand trust go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, brand trust can turn into brand loyalty and a repeat-customer. Ultimately, increasing brand awareness is about your name out there, but more importantly it’s about building lasting relationships.

Brand Awareness Builds Brand Equity

Brand equity refers to the value of a brand. This is a measure of how much influence a brand name has on its customers. Brand awareness and brand equity tend to have a positive correlation. If a brand is recognizable and trusted, then it follows that the brand’s strong equity is strong as well. Therefore, building brand awareness will help your brand equity and thus increase sales.

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How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media

We all know the influence that social media and influencers have on society. With about 4.2 billion people on social media, how can it not? Through social media, you can view other friends’ pictures, opinions, posts; follow specific brand pages; stay up to date with celebrities; get unsolicited targeted advertisements; and for some people, you can get your news from social media platforms. With the ability to reach over 3.81 billion social media users instantly, using social media as a brand awareness strategy sounds like a no-brainer. It is key to understand how to increase brand awareness utilizing the power of social media.


It definitely makes sense to increase your brand on the world’s most popular social media platform – Facebook. With over 2.85 billion monthly active users, you can significantly increase brand awareness. Facebook is a relatively easy platform to use and you can build customer relationships, post, collect reviews, and easily communicate your brand and values to your target audience. You can easily make a Facebook business page so at least more users are aware of your brand. Moreover, Facebook advertising can be a good option for businesses as well.


Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it has a younger demographic than Facebook for the most part. This is great for businesses with a younger target market. Instagram is more about photos and visuals, which can be great for creative brands trying to increase brand awareness. Additionally, you can filter specific topics to reach your target market with the use of hashtags. Furthermore, you can take advantage of IGTV, stories, and use the Live feature for your brand to reach and engage with more people. Additionally, influencers are an important component of marketing on Instagram. Users usually listen to key influencers within industries for brand recommendations because they trust their judgement and opinions.



Pinterest is a great social media platform for small and online businesses. With 87% of pinners saying Pitnerest content moved them to buy, your business should definitely take advantage of the platform. The great thing about Pinterest is that is is very simple to use and focuses on images. People respond strongly to visuals. If you sell a product that is elegantly designed, visually-pleasing, or has other aesthetic elements, then Pinterest is the platform to use.

The platform allows you to share images, short descriptions (like a product description for instance), and a link. First, you catch the customer with a pretty photo of your product and description. Then, they can click on the link that leads them directly to your website so they can potentially purchase said product. Not only are you increasing brand awareness with Pinterest, but you can increase your number of website visits and sales. Be sure to also use rich pins to provide extra information attached to the original pin such as a recipe, article, etc. Thus, the user will have an enhanced and more engaged experience.


Twitter is great for real-time updates and building your brand voice. People like to use the social media platform for the latest news and trends. You can effortlessly market on Twitter, brand your business, and post the latest updates on your brand very easily and conveniently. All of these reasons are exactly why President Trump chose Twitter as his favorite communication tool. Like the other social media platforms on this list, you can strategically build brand awareness, foster customer trust, and provide engaging content that will ideally draw people to your brand.


Think of LinkedIn as the “go to” for networking with professionals. People often use the platform to find employment, share job updates, and follow business profiles. For businesses, you can share important information on your business profile, reach prospects, build relationships and connections, and find ideal employees by posting job openings. You can also share company updates, showcase your company culture and people, and post other original content. While the other social media platforms are better for business to consumer sales, LinkedIn is better-suited for business to business sales and leads.


The newest social media platform on this list, TikTok is rapidly growing. TikTok is more popular among the younger generations, but people of all ages are on the platform. What differentiates TikTok from other social media platforms is that it is predominantly short videos ranging from a few seconds up to a minute in length. However, it recently has allowed users to make videos up to 3 minutes in length, which is better for those creators who want to pack more information in a video.

The videos are meant to be short and sweet, especially since people have shorter and shorter attention spans. Thus, TikTok encourages users and brands to get creative. The social media app is full of tutorials, educational videos, humorous skits, recipes, and more. You can make a humorous video for your brand; educate the consumer how to use your product with a video demonstration; or educate the consumer on a topic like nutrition, for instance. You can use hashtags, plug in text, and links to lead people to your website and discover your brand.

TikTok is perfect for reaching the masses in a quick, fun, and creative way. If you have a demonstrable product or want to easily educate the consumer, then TikTok is the answer.

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Other Considerations:

It is vital to know how to increase brand awareness to help build relationships, product and brand trust, and loyalty. Now you know how to use social media to do so! Knowing how to increase brand awareness will increase your brand equity, sales, and leads. However, do not neglect the other parts of your brand that need attention as well. For example, you can improve the design and aesthetics for your website to enhance the user’s experience. Make sure to avoid these web design mistakes! If you need help designing and creating an ecommerce website, contact us at SEO Design Chicago to get started!


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