Facebook Ads Not Converting? Here’s Why!

Facebook ads are a great way to increase traffic numbers on your website. In the age of social media, mastering social media marketing through platforms such as Facebook has never been more important for your business. However, you may have ad campaigns that are running and you haven’t yet seen a return on the investment. 

Are your Facebook ads not converting? It may be just that you’re making common mistakes leading up to getting your specific audience to your landing page. Learning to catch these mistakes will allow you to increase your ad’s performance on Facebook. In this article, you will learn what Facebook ads are, how to track your ad performance, and why they may not be working for your business. 

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What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is a major social media platform, not just for individuals, but for businesses too. Facebook advertising consists of creating and running ad campaigns in the Facebook Ads Manager tool

Using this tool, you can reach your target audience based on their location, profile data, and demographics. You can choose where you want to run your ads. Your choices include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and/or Audience. You also can choose your target device type—either mobile or desktop. Additionally, you can track the performance of your ad campaigns. 

Facebook ads are useful for increasing your brand awareness and engagement, increasing leads, driving traffic to your website, increasing your content’s reach, and creating awareness around your forthcoming events.

How to Track the Performance of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook no longer offers conversion tracking. Facebook’s Ads Manager is great for data within Facebook. However, it doesn’t provide information on users who have left the site. 

To properly track the performance of your Facebook campaigns, you will need to use an analytics program like Google Analytics. When you’re tracking your performance it is important to make sure to separate campaigns by interest groups so that you can see how each one performs. 

You will also need to monitor your performance within the Facebook interface. The most important metric to track is the click-through rate. Click-through rate affects both the number of clicks you’ll receive and the amount you will pay per click. 

Ads with low CTR will stop serving or become more expensive, whereas ads with high CTR will generate as many clicks as will fit in your budget and cost less. It is important to keep a close eye on your CTR by interests. This will help you learn which audiences work best and which ads resonate with your audience. 

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Why Aren’t Facebook Ads Working?

Facebook Ads is one of the more popular advertising options for people who are new to online marketing. If you’re using Facebook to create and put out ad campaigns and you’re not seeing the return you’re looking for, here are 4 reasons why your ads may not be working.

Poor Targeting

One of the main reasons marketers lack success with Facebook Ads is that they fail to target their ads properly. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience, and finding the perfect audience is key. 

The main advantage of Facebook Ads is that they provide you with the ability to target your ads so that they are shown to a specific audience who will be curious about your offer, and ideally, click the ad to go to a landing page.

If your ads are poorly targeted, they will be shown across social media to people who don’t care for them at all, which leads to terrible site conversion. Knowing how to target your ads to a custom audience is important. If you want to target your ads properly, you must first take a look at who your customer is and build an audience profile. 

Knowing the traits and characteristics of your ideal customer will give you the chance to set up your ads so they’re shown to the right people. A buyer persona will map out your ideal audience based on the traits, characteristics, and demographics designed for site conversion. 

When you’re creating your buyer persona, you want to make sure you know the following information: 

  • Age and gender
  • Location
  • Who and what influences them
  • Language
  • Interests and hobbies

After you know this information, put it into Facebook Ads. Now you have a tool that you can use to research your ideal customer. 

Choosing the right bidding option and bidding the right amount

Another reason Facebook Ads tend to not work well for marketers is that they’re not bidding correctly. If you find that your ads are not generating enough impressions or clicks, the bidding section may be where you need to make some adjustments. When you’re building your ads, you need to focus on a few specific sections. 

The “Bid Amount” Section

If you previously selected the “Automatic” option but failed to see any results, you may want to now select the “Manual” option. Once you click the Manual option, you’ll then be able to decide how much you’re willing to bid per click. 

On Facebook, you’re provided with a suggested bid, both minimum and maximum. However, if you find that your ad isn’t getting any impressions on your landing pages, despite you bidding within these numbers, you may want to go a little higher. This, of course, all depends on how much you can afford. 

If, after bidding higher, you find that your ads are still generating low impressions, then you might need to take a look at your custom audience targeting to make sure it’s not too precise

The “When You Are Charged” Section

On Facebook, there’s the option to be charged “per click” or by “impression.” If you find that your campaign is not generating enough clicks, it might be worth experimenting with being charged “per impression.” 

If, after making these changes, you still find that your ads aren’t generating enough clicks, you might need to go back to the targeting second and make changes. 

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Creating Click-Worthy Ads

If your ads look like they still need fixing, then it might be time to adjust the way your ads look. Facebook is a very visual platform and you want to make sure that your ads are good at catching the eyes of your custom audience. You can use tools like Evernote to screenshot any ads that you come across that interested you or caused you to take action. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you can also study people and ads that are not within your niche. This is because if you find something that works in one niche, there’s a good chance you will be able to transfer those strategies to your niche. A different style of ads might also be refreshing to the people you’re trying to reach, making your ad even more appealing to your audience. 

Sometimes you can make your ad more click-worthy by placing a call-to-action within the image. If you’re going to use text in an image, it can impact the reach of your ad. If you use a lot of text, it can reduce the chance of your ad succeeding. Writing persuasive copy, as with many kinds of online marketing, is essential. This is because you need to convince people to click on your ad. 

You can write better copy by understanding what it is that your customers want, as well as what objections they may have concerning an offer like yours. When you know this information, you can write copy that speaks directly to them. You can reassure them that your offer is something worth checking out. It is also essential to include a call-to-action within your ad copy so your audience knows what to do next. 


Experimentation is an important part of fixing a Facebook Ad campaign that isn’t producing desired website conversion results. Many of the best-paid traffic experts in the world often fail to produce a winning ad on their first go. This is because a lot of them need to go through a process of testing, to find an ad that is going to bring them optimal results. 

When it comes to your ad campaigns, it is important to consider creating multiple variations of the same ad. Then, let the ad variations run for a few days and then look at the data. Chances are that you’ll find that one ad produces better site conversion than another. 

Images aren’t the only elements of an ad that you can split test. You can also experiment with the targeting and the copy of an ad. You also have the option of seeing what happens when you use different ad formats such as Instagram ads or right sidebar ads. 

When you carry out split tests, you must make some radical changes to your existing ads. This is more likely to bring you a dramatic upturn in results versus small, incremental changes. 

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