DJ Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

DJ Ads

In this article, you will learn the best practices for DJ marketing and DJ advertising to promote your DJ business.  

DJ Advertising Strategies

DJ Marketing

Once you are a skilled DJ, it’s time to figure out how to get as many gigs as possible. If you follow these steps to promoting yourself as an awesome DJ, you will increase the number of jobs you obtain. 

Create and Develop Your Brand

The first thing you should work on is developing your brand. What do you want others to think of when they hear your name? You want to be the first one people think of when they need a DJ.

DJ Name

First, create a DJ name. Your name should represent you and your brand. You could choose to use your own name, a variation on your name, or a nickname. Make sure no one else has your DJ name. A quick and easy way to check is to simply Google it. Coming up with a creative, unique DJ name can be difficult. If you need inspiration, take a look at 2019’s top 100 DJs.

DJ Logo

Second, you need a logo. Having a good logo is crucial to your brand because people will recognize your logo wherever they go. You can choose between a custom logo or test your creative skills by designing one yourself.

DJ Photos

Third, you should consider having professional photos taken of you in your DJ element. These photos are a great way to promote yourself to possible employers.

DJ Bio

Fourth, write a biography on your website. People want to know that you are a credible DJ and know what you are doing. If people know a little bit about you and where you come from, they are more likely to want to hire you. Here, are some simple questions to consider: Where are you from? How did you become a DJ? What is your favorite music genre or style? What are your social media platforms?

DJ Mixes

Fifth, publish your DJ mixes online so people can listen to them. There are many websites you can do this on, including,,, and your own website. Letting people listen to your music will show them what you are capable of.

DJ Social Media

Lastly, be active on social media. Social media is a great way to connect with followers and clients. Developing a brand for yourself will help you create a name in the DJ industry.

DJ Marketing

DJ Advertising and Promoting

Once you establish a solid brand, start promoting yourself by advertising your DJ services. The key to self-promotion is to sell yourself. This is your chance to tell everyone all about your achievements and talents. Make people want to hire you for all of their events. As mentioned earlier, being active on your website and social media accounts increases your visibility. So many people use social media, so that’s the perfect place to start promoting yourself.

Business cards are another great way to increase your clientele. For example, if you DJ at a wedding, leave some cards out for guests. You’ve already proven to them that you’re a great DJ at that particular event. So giving them your card will allow them to contact you if they ever need a DJ. Lastly, consider creating your own DJ merchandise. You could sell your own bracelets, hats, shirts, jackets, posters, etc. Having people wear your merch will help promote your DJ business. No matter what advertising strategy you decide to use, it will help increase your brand awareness and get more gigs. 


Networking will help you build relationships to improve your career. Some people to connect with are other DJs, promoters, event owners, fans, and businesses. Some easy ways to connect with people are by attending events. Get out there and talk with people and develop relationships that will help you accelerate your career. At the same time, you will be able to help others improve their own careers. Maybe you and another DJ collaborate together, increasing business for the both of you. Or, maybe you sign a deal with a wedding venue where you are the on-call DJ for the wedding receptions. Overall, networking will help you meet other people who share the same interests and goals as you. 

DJ Social Media

DJ Advertising

By advertising your DJ business, you are actively promoting yourself. Essentially, you are showing people that you are out there and ready to be their DJ at their next party or event. Here are some ways to advertise your DJ business. 

Build Your Own Website

A good, effective way to promote your DJ business is to create a website. You can either develop your own website or hire a company, like SEO Design Chicago, to build your website for you. If you choose to build your own website, a simple service to use is WordPress. WordPress is a very popular tool to use because of its user-friendliness. You do not need to be an expert coder to use WordPress.

Your website should include relevant information like where you are located, areas you will travel to, contact information, services you offer, and how to book you as a DJ. Adding a Q&A page will help answer common questions people might have about your services. Pictures and videos will show people what you have to offer. You want to showcase your skills so that people feel more comfortable with hiring you.

Also, consider adding a “testimonials” page or “what people say about me” page. Doing so will add to your credibility. People like hearing what others have to say about a particular service before investing in it themselves. No matter what information you choose to publish on your site, make sure that the content showcases your skills and talents. 

DJ Ads

Social Media

As stated earlier, social media is a great way to promote your DJ business by connecting with people. It’s all about choosing the right social media content. The key to effectively advertise your business is to not make it seem like a forced ad. Simply, show people what you love to do, which is being a DJ! When people see how active you are as a DJ, or listen to some of your mixes, they will want to hire you and listen to your music.

Social media is also an effective way to connect with other DJs. As explained earlier, connecting with people is key to improving your business. If you make friends with the right people, they can help you build your brand. Even if you are just starting out as a DJ, social media is a great way to see what other DJs do. How do they get business? What are some of their techniques? Not only is social media a place to connect and promote yourself, but also a place to learn new ways of doing things. 

Website Listings

Being listed on other websites is a perfect way to promote your DJ business. Niche websites are websites that are related to your business. For example, wedding planner websites are the perfect niche site. At the reception, weddings most likely have a DJ. If you are listed on a wedding website, people will consider hiring you over other DJs. It’s all about convenience. If people are hosting an event in need of a DJ, they are more likely to look at that event website than go out of their ways to find a different DJ. You might have to pay a small fee in exchange for being listed on various niche websites; however, it is worth the price because you are promoting your business. 


As mentioned earlier, producing your own merchandise is a great way to advertise your services. Most likely for DJ merchandise you will want to sell t-shirts, hats, bracelets, stickers, or any other product you can think of that your followers will want to buy. Merchandise is a great conversation starter. If someone sees someone wearing an awesome shirt or has a cool sticker, naturally, people will want to ask about it. Word of mouth is a useful advertising strategy because people rely heavily on what others have to say about a service or business. People are 90% more likely to trust a company if they are recommended by a friend. Merchandise will simultaneously help increase sales and get your name out there. 

Once you have some advertising strategies in mind, be careful of these common advertising mistakes. These mistakes will end up hurting your business rather than promoting it. 

DJ Advertising

“Stay Tuned”

It is very common for people to make announcements like “stay tuned” or “big things coming soon” to build hype around their business. Sometimes overusing this term does the opposite of what you want. Instead of enticing people, these announcements can seem like a cry for attention and deter followers. You never want to appear desperate to people because it’s not a very attractive trait that someone wants in their DJ. 

Content Is Too Much

Yes, it is good to produce helpful and engaging content to your audience. However, if you over do it, you will start spamming your audience. Think of it as being like spam mail. No one likes it and it gets very annoying. Obviously, you don’t want to irritate potential clients or current followers. So, while engaging content is good, make sure you keep quality over quantity in mind while posting. 

Bad Behavior

This point might seem obvious; however, it is key to being a successful, likable DJ. Don’t go on rants and post negative content. No one likes to see posts full of hatred or foul language. Once you post something, it’s out on the internet forever. Even after you apologize for your bad behavior, people will still remember what you did. Use your social media platforms for good by promoting your business, shouting out other DJs, talking about events you’ve done, and other positive aspects about your job as a DJ. This might seem cliché, but it’s true. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. 

Now that you know some marketing and advertising techniques to promote your DJ business, hopefully, you are inspired to start or improve your DJ career. 

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