Pinterest SEO and How It Can Benefit Your Business

If you are a blogger or business looking to reach a wider audience through Pinterest, you’re in the right place. Pinterest is a booming social media platform with over 400 million active users using the site on a daily basis. As the name suggests, the platform caters to people’s specific interests and encourages users to create boards based on what they like. With thousands of images and videos, the site gives users inspiration and tutorials to save and refer back to. The site prioritizes creativity and diversity which makes it a unique social media space for creators and pinners alike. We will provide you with the information you need to improve your Pinterest SEO.

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What Is Pinterest SEO?

So what exactly is Pinterest SEO? Pinterest SEO stands for Pinterest search engine optimization. It means optimizing the content you upload on Pinterest so that you can generate organic traffic to your page. The main difference between Pinterest SEO and Google SEO is how to target keywords and how to identify and include them in your profile. It is also important to note that optimization on Pinterest is more related to your engagement rate as well as how often your content is shared in the community and to other social media sites. Now that you know the core aspects of Pinterest SEO, let’s dive into how to improve it.

Create a Business Account to Improve Your Pinterest SEO

Before we learn more about Pinterest SEO and how it works, you are going to want to switch your Pinterest account to a business account if you haven’t done so already. Making the switch from a personal to a business account is quite easy.

First, click on the down button next to your profile icon which is both located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You will then see a list of different tabs. Click the settings tab. You will then be sent to a different screen and on the left-hand side, a list will appear. Click where it says Account settings. Scroll down to account changes. Under account changes, find where it says convert to a business account and then click convert account.

You will then need to fill out a few different fields in the build your profile section. After you’re done with that, click next. Then, you will have to fill out the fields to describe your business. When you’re finished with that click next. Select whether or not you would like to run ads and then click next.

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Optimize Your Profile

To improve your Pinterest SEO, start with your profile. When creating a username for your account, make sure you pick a name that is both easy to identify and spell. This name will be associated with your brand or business so make sure that it accurately reflects what your page is.

Next, fill out the “about you” section on your profile and include any relevant details, along with links to your other social media accounts and or website. Place any relevant keywords when you fill in the about you fields. Also, make sure your profile picture is of a high resolution so that people can easily locate and save your pins. Lastly, you will need to have at least one board up on your page if your account is new. Refer to your content calendar if you have made one, and create a title and description for your board.

Make Changes to Your Website

To effectively work Pinterest SEO, you will need to make sure that your website is set up for SEO. You can make it so your website and your Pinterest page work in conjunction. To start, add a Pinterest tag. The Pinterest tag will allow you to do a number of important things including setting up conversions events on your website, segmenting your audience, and report reliably on your audience’s performance.

Next, you will want to add a save button. This feature will help you to increase the reach of your Pinterest campaigns. A great benefit of this feature is that users will be able to save images from your website to your Pinterest. You can either have the button appear automatically or when users hover over the top left section of any image on your site. You can also download a Pinterest Chrome extension which will allow users to convert images into pins that way.

Lastly, verifying your site will allow for your profile picture to be included in all of your pins which is another great way to keep things cohesive and easily identifiable for users.

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Set Yourself Some Feasible Goals

When coming up with some business goals for Pinterest SEO, think about what value Pinterest will give to your business and, in turn, what value you can give to Pinterest users. Does your target market reside on Pinterest at all? And if they do, what are they searching up and pinning to their boards. Do you want more Pinterest followers? You need to frame your Pinterest SEO goals around creating content that measures up with what users on the platform want to see.

Once you’ve figured out the goals you have for your Pinterest profile, you can begin using the Pinterest tag to set up conversion events and you can start creating some campaigns to speed up traffic. Go to your analytics tab and look over the metrics provided. Definitely look at your impressions and re-pins and tie your goals into boosting these basic metrics.

Regularly checking your metrics and analytics will help you make any needed improvements to your content. You can easily identify what content is more popular by the number of re-pins and outbound clicks. You can also see what content is boosted more often into the algorithm through the impressions that your pins get. The data points are all key and helping you figure out how you’re doing on the platform.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the main component of Pinterest search engine optimization and good SEO practices in general. Pinterest will curate the user’s feed based on what words the users search for and how those words are used in pins. With that in mind, it’s important to identify what keywords you should tag in your pins in order to reach the right audience. Guided search helps users on Pinterest narrow the search results by including related terms to help find more relevant results. These related terms will help you determine the most popular search term queries for that specific topic.

After testing out different search queries, explore niche topics. Pinterest provides a variety of subcategories for a multitude of topics which make it easy to find keywords fi your pins are particularly niche. Explore topics that are relevant to your business and notice how your competitors in your niche are using their keywords.

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Board Optimization

Boards are the heart of Pinterest’s appeal. If you categorize your boards correctly, it will signal to the Pinterest search engine how you categorize your content which will help improve visibility. In addition, your boards are your message to users on your site as they are the first thing they will see when they click on your profile. Make sure then, that your titles and board covers are intriguing and accurately capture the essence of what pins are on the board. Making sure your boards are filled with pins that provide some sort of value to your audience is extremely important. If you are a business looking to sell a product, board optimization is key to your success as it will help attract more potential customers.

Pinterest Backlinks

If you haven’t already done so, you should consider including some Pinterest backlinks. Backlinks are helpful in that they increase your site’s authority by letting the link juice flow onto your site. For example, if a site like Google were to link your site, then some of Google’s authority to rub off on your site. The more links you can garner from high-quality sites, the higher your site’s authority will become. The same idea will apply to Pinterest. With Pinterest backlinks, you can receive value through referral traffic. If users on Pinterest view your pin and click on the source where the link is embedded, then you can easily drive traffic to your site. In addition, this traffic will help you increase your organic search position. Remember, don’t buy backlinks!

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Monitor Backlinks

To check if your site has Pinterest backlinks, it is recommended to use the tool Monitor Backlinks. After you sign in to your account, click Your links to see the backlink profile. Then click on the “New Filter” button then click Linking Page afterward. Lastly, enter Pinterest in the text bar. Once you’ve done these steps, you should easily see show your Pinterest backlinks. Tracking your backlinks through this service will help you determine how effective the backlinks are at generating traffic back to your site. Since you most likely created the Pinterest account in hopes of not only gaining a loyal audience to your page but also to your website and product, understanding how backlinks work and how they can help you generate needed traffic will benefit your business.


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