How Can You Improve Your Keyword Search Results?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to improve your keyword search results. For help improving your keyword search results, contact SEO Design Chicago today.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search Results

Keyword search results are key to building a business online. Most of the time, we as consumers don’t know exactly what we are looking for when we search for something. When people are searching for content on the internet, they search for things in a certain way. For a product or service, we usually just search for a basic word or phrase. “Cars for sale” or “Hotels near me”, and things like that are commonly searched phrases.

Companies base their websites around those kinds of words, which are called keywords. This is so they can get as many views as possible. But how can your business improve so that relevant keyword searches find your company first? There are several different ways to make this goal a reality.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a tool that helps you improve your keyword search results. This is a software that gives you a list of prominently used keywords that can help you get more views. There are suggestions for keywords, or you can search for a certain topic or area of business.

The planner also shows you how many views each keyword receives each month. It also helps you choose keywords similar to the best ones. It even has a forecast for what kind of views the keyword you chose will have! 

Keyword planner is an extension of Google AdWords, so you do need to have an account to use it. However, it is definitely worth it. Having a Google AdWords account is another way to improve your company. It helps you achieve more views and get better at advertising, too. 

Google AdWords create ads for you and help you achieve business goals. They focus in on different kinds of advertising, like global vs local, and help you find the consumers you want your advertisements to reach. So, if you want to use that already, it’s perfect for helping you pick out some keywords to improve your search results. There are also services to help you get started with Google Ads, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.  

How to Improve Keyword Search

Google Algorithms

One of the things that makes it harder to stay at the top of the rankings is that Google changes their algorithms. This means that every few days or even hours, Google updates their software so that it gets better at keyword searching. This is great for the people who are searching, but not so good for the companies trying to make it to the top.

It used to take a lot longer for Google to make these changes, but now it’s very common. Most of those changes aren’t huge, but there are usually a few per year that make some big adjustments to the way things get searched and found.

Companies can sometimes feel like it is difficult to make modifications for this. However, one of the best ways to keep improving your keyword search results is by updating regularly. This means picking new keywords and revamping your site as frequently as you can. This can be tricky! You will want to keep your brand intact as well as making enough changes to stay relevant. A good way to avoid changing everything on your site is through using a blog. 


Blogs are an effective way for your company to stay relevant and use keywords. By creating a blog, especially attached to your website, you are creating new content that can be searched. Blog posts need to be about 1500 words to be perfect for Google’s algorithms, so try to reach that every time.

You will also want to make sure that you pick a keyword for each post that you create, repeating it 7-10 times throughout the article. You will also want to include links to other websites so that you can appeal to Google’s algorithms. When you link to other websites, yours will seem more important.

There are many different topics to write about, and finding things relevant to your business can be pretty simple. Try to be specific and include important things about your company. You will be surprised at how quickly you can get more views!

The hardest part about writing blogs is picking the perfect keywords to improve your search results. Sometimes the best way to get that is through hiring an SEO, or search engine optimization, company to write your articles. This service can pinpoint the right keywords and write articles that will help your SEO, as well as reach that tricky word count for you. This might be the option for you, especially if you’re already busy running a business. 

Google Keyword Search 

Whenever someone searches something, Google remembers the searched term. So, if you want to get a good idea of what people search, look up the Google searches.

It is pretty easy to find a free site that will show you what people are searching in relation to your company. Or, you can use Google to tell you as well. An excellent site to use is Google Trends, which shows you what is popular and trending around the world right now. This is a great way to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of changing trends. Using trending terms can help you to improve your keyword search results.

Using analytics will also help you see which of these terms are working for you and which ones are not. These are different tools that will help you see what things are getting clicked on, like your blog posts vs your actual website. There are many different kinds of analytical tools. 

Google Keyword Search

Google Tags

Tags are another great analytical tool that your company can utilize. Similar to links, these are usually short, keyword terms that help divide up your website. Many companies utilize tags to better organize their websites. Tags give back information on how people browse the website.

A great example of how they work is through news pages. It is relatively easy to find related articles because everything links together. Using analytics, companies like SEO Design Chicago can help you to manage your tags so that the pages on your site will be easier to identify and tie together. These are especially important for products on a site. They need to tie together so that you can easily find things of the same size in clothing, or items that are usually purchased together.

Tags work through data collection, which means that you will know what people click on and what they try to find within your site. Then you can change it up so that each page is geared to help people find what they are looking for. Using tags well helps with making your site’s loading time faster, gathering analytic information, and improving your search results. Putting too many tags can slow things down and make it hard to collect information.

Make sure when you are creating tags to put them in the right places and learn where they should go. This is important because your website’s loading speed is another factor that Google looks at to determine search ranking. You can use a website speed test to know how quickly your site is loading currently, so you can try to decrease that time. 

Google Keyword Planner

SEO Companies

If any of this has been confusing for you, you are not alone. The best thing about all of this is that there are many there are many companies that can improve your keyword search results for you! If you try these tools and ideas and you aren’t getting the results you want, look for a company that will help you reach your goals. Many companies will create a plan with you so that you get exactly what you want. Through analytics and other tools, these companies can bring your website to the top of the Google search results in no time. It’s their job! So, if you feel frustrated and confused, don’t worry. There are other options out there to help you accomplish your goals for your keyword search results. 

Through the use of keywords, you can improve your rankings on Google and get more visitors. This can take a long time, a lot of hard work and effort. Through improving your keywords and utilizing tools like tags and links, you will be able to get to the top of the search rankings! Your keyword search results will vary over time, but you can find out what works best for your company. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, find a great company to help you. There are so many options for improving and creating the online presence that your company needs. You’ll be at the top of the searches in no time! 

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